Saturday, December 5, 2009

young love?

a week or so ago, miss ruby and i took our weekly trip to 'death's door beauty salon'.

along the way, waiting at a stop light, as we were chatting and enjoying the warmth of the day, i noticed a teen-aged couple walking along, coming toward us. it was obvious they were arguing, the body language, the sharp turn of her head from him as his mouth moved. suddenly, he grabbed her arm, pulling her towards him. she jerked it out of his hold, moving faster... he came up behind her, wrapped his arms around her to hold her in place--her foot kicked backwards to remove him from her space.

so it went, him becoming more aggressive in his physicality, her becoming more agitated.

i pulled over next to them, into a parking lot they were cutting through... i stopped so quickly, miss ruby moved forward in her seat belt... in one movement it seemed, i threw the car into park and had the door opened and i was outside the car...

"stop that. don't touch her again. miss? would you like a ride home?"

they both stopped and stared at me as if i were from a different planet... perhaps i was in their world... he said, "she's fine."

"she doesn't look fine. miss? i'm more than glad to give you a ride." with this, miss ruby waved at her from the car.

"no, i'm fine. we're fine. it's none of your business."

"actually, it is. you don't have to do this."

she stared at me, giving me that look teens give when they are faced with the stupidity of adults. they both turned away and walked off, suddenly holding hands, walking close together, glancing back at the new adversary they could dislike together.

and, i wondered... how many times had it happened? was she used to that behaviour? has she seen it in her life?

no answers, nothing more than a sense i've seen something that will escalate until she's either very hurt or finds that place in her heart that will allow her to be brave enough to leave.

i hope it's the second, and i hope it happens soon.

very, very soon.