Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Five years ago today, I had surgery to remove the (to quote my surgeon), "biggest motherfuckin' tumor I've ever seen on a thyroid".
Five years ago, with that operation, I went from a person with cancer to a person in remission.  Five is the magic number everyone with cancer looks toward--it says you've beat odds, it says you can breathe again, it says you've come out the other side, and the world is even brighter. 
Five years is more than I thought I'd have....I was so scared. But, I don't usually do what I'm told to do, so, I gave cancer the same treatment--refusal to submit. It changed my life. I moved to New York, found friends and adventure, and I may be broke, but, I don't regret anything.

Thank you all for being with me during these five years, and, thanks to Matt Neves who held my hand, and Joshua Stavros--who joined Matt in prayer over me. I felt that power, and held on to it's goodness.

Five years. Well done, me.