Saturday, September 6, 2014

I Remember This Place!

I lied.

I said in April, I'd start blogging again....and, I didn't.

I started this blog, formerly known as FMD, to let my friends and family I left behind, how I was doing after making the decision to move to New York, following my bout with cancer.  I wanted to write. I wanted new things. I wanted to make a world where the eight million who live in the City and boroughs weren't scary unknowns, but, simply people I hadn't met yet. I wanted to meet other writers, to be published, to explore.

And, I did.

Since then, my life has been slightly chaotic, I've moved so many times, a friend has an extra piece of paper with all my addresses written on it stapled to my page in her address book.  I kept my old friends, made new ones who are just as dear, traveled, been institutionalized, stopped writing, became a Nana and moved, yet again.

A friend, after reading my lengthy FB post yesterday said, "It's time for you to start blogging again.".

She is, once again, correct. Now, if I can just manage blogging on the iPad, I may get this going properly. Otherwise, my trusty 2007 Mac is pulled out from under the bed, the power cord is once more black taped to the body and I use it's trusty self to help me along.

I thought of censoring some things, of blocking some people from reading, however, except for the name, I've stayed true to my life in this place...why change now.

And, we're off!