Sunday, October 25, 2009

nothing is different, everythings the same

it's cold and wet and spitting snow outside.

inside, i am warm and cozy and can still taste my breakfast bacon... nothing is better than bacon in the morning. except coffee... nothing is better than coffee in the morning. except waking up...waking up is the best thing about the morning.

miss ruby is now confined to a wheelchair, to her great dismay. she's fallen twice now on my watch...once when she attempted to get up from her chair without calling me, once when i stood right next to her while she was in the walker. her legs simply stopped being legs and over she went.

both times, because of where she ended up, i had no choice but to dead lift her off the ground in one pull.... the first time i heard something pop in my already operated on right knee... the second confirmed i've done something, as i get those waves of teeth on edge pain you have with a problem with your knee.

she and i had been looking outside, planning her spring garden, discussing plants and what would take up the least amount of room... i've agreed to zuchini (which i hate) and she's allowing me one pumpkin plant.

the outside cat has a new home... she had me go purchase one of those insolated dog kennel things so it will be toasty during the cold winter months. he still greets me with a "meowHISSHISSmeow", so, i'm never sure if i should trust the sweet meow or the nasty hissing.
i go with putting his food out, and shutting the door. no touching him, i've no idea what he carries or what he has or if he'll shred my arm.

hrh had her baby shower last weekend... she is quite the preggers gal now, although she still wears the same tops for the most part.. she is all baby, my baby.the baby is huge inside her, at six months, you can see him roll under her tummy... there is simply no room. since he's already at the 80% of his size, i am not planning on buying any newborn clothes. she continues to insist she will do this drug free.

yeah, have fun with that.

mother managed to insult--well, i'm not sure how many people--in one comment that day. looking over at the ex's girlfriend (who is very, very kind to my children...earning her kudos) and said, to hrh, and in front of the girlfriend's daughter, "cant' your daddy find a better looking girlfriend? even your momma is better looking!"

thanks so much.

aside from that, i spend my days here, still, putting in 70-84 hours a week. the jarhead is coming for a visit on wednesday, giving me more than a couple of hours in two years... he is currently working with my brother in la, and still thinking about re-upping.

i don't think so, son.

i have internet, as i mentioned... i am trying to catch up on blogs and on writing and it's a long backlog.

thanks again to those who read, who comment, who care.


harrietv said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! For making me grateful for what I have.

(When Husband fell, I had to call 911, 'cause no way can I lift him.)

Take care of YOU.

Michael Manning said...

When I had my Dad, I was visiting my Aunt across town when my Mom called on my cell phone to say that she needed my help to pick up Dad, who had fallen gracefully on the carpet. Instinctively, I grabbed him by locking the upper part of my arms under his arm pits. Later, my doctor told me this was the proper way to lift him!

Your daughter is lovely and I wish her all the best! :)

austere said...

Congratulations on the baby shower, and waiting for the good news.

Take care, ok?

put your feet up a while.

a tiny while?

murat11 said...

Life's comings and goings. Blessings to you, miss ruby, and all the babies.

Cormac Brown said...

I'm sorry that I haven't been over, been busy. I'm also sorry to hear about Miss Ruby, though I'm stoked to hear about the baby's progress and that your mom said something nice while taking her shot here and there, but it's the truth, ain't it? ; )

vinny said...

Everything sounds well. Congrats quin.

Jelena said...

Sending you some warm hugs, Quin. They may be virtual, but they are for real. Hug, hug!

Peter Varvel said...

Oooh, damn - your knee!
HRH is indeed beautiful (is it that "glow" that's always mentioned?). You will be a beautiful Grandma.
Thank you for helping to feed/keep warm mean kitty in the cold.
Yes, I care.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Beautiful picture.