Wednesday, July 23, 2008



  • There is a woman who sits outside the local coffee shop every morning. She keeps a mound of cigarette butts, carefully picking them apart, shredding the tobacco, taking out the burned edges, then mixing the remains on a paper plate. Then, she carefully places equal parts into already torn out pieces of the local paper, rolling it up, and twisting the edges, forming her own home made cigarette. She lights one, smoking it and staring out over the mountain range to the east. I have to wonder if the section she's used colours the taste.... does she smile more when she's used the funny papers? Will she be more opinionated if she's used the editorial section? Is she morose when she's reached the obituaries?
  • The wind blowing through the elm and apple trees is cool when we've had a storm the night before. I like to sit on my porch steps in the backyard, watching out to the western range, 75 miles out. There is nothing to block my view, and when the sun sets, it balances on the edge of the sharp peaks that are a deep violet against the pale blue sky. Deep fire red, with white, white clouds actually edged in gold around it... there, and gone, missed if you blink. Behind are the clouds going salmon, the palest ivory, to yellow, and on to twilight. One single light sits far out on the valley, one house. No idea who lives there, nor will I find out, but, I hope his cell service is better than mine.
  • I have to change my cell carrier to Verizon, three months after AT&T. Bye, bye iPhone hopes. Bastards.
  • Tearing a rotator cuff sucks.
  • Learning to live in one room is a good thing.
  • I have an addiction to limeade and Sprite Zero. And something called Cabbage stuffed with wasabi and shrimp and chicken. Go figure.
  • Meowing in the Wal-Mart parking lot always leads to a good thing. Years ago, it gave our family Vincent. He was a good cat, and I don't like cats. Now, I have a new kitten, who is either black with silver stripes or silver with black stripes. Her name was, "Cat, where in the hell are you?", then, Cat, now, it's Sophie. She went from a pound to over two, and is teething. This means she eats the edges of books, my fingers, my ears and she's tried to nurse. This wasn't fun, especially since I was asleep at the time. She has proved my theory about animals eating you, though... when I'm going to sleep, she licks my eyelids. See? I TOLD you they eat your eyes first.
  • Breasts are never comfortable for the person lying on them. When out with Mrs Neebes, her daughter, Ada, was leaning on mine as she lay against me. Finding them not to her liking (she's 3), she moved away, took both hands, fluffed them up to make a good high cleavage, then lay on them again, sighed and closed her eyes.
  • Aaron Eckhart can't act. Not without LaBute at the helm. Sorry, Aaron.
  • I am going to have to give in and get the internet.
  • Peter and I are going to do our Amazing Race video in September. Booya!
  • Go here, and help, please.

Now, I have a zillion blogs to read. I've missed so much.... and you remain far more interesting than I. I'd LOVE to read Therapeutic Ramblings... but.... *discreet cough*

Later, taters.


Solomon said...

The link to Golfwidow is messed up. I LOLed at the thought of someone "fluffing up your breasts". And yeah, p[lease get internet. I miss you.

Quin Browne said...

i can never get her links to work... i don't kwow why!

fixed now.

i miss you, too.

golfwidow said...

Someone dropped a loosey in our carpark the other day. Conversation follows:

Me: You know what that is? YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS???
Him: A cigarette.
Me: Wrong. That, my dear, is somewhere between twenty-eight and thirty cents, depending on where it was purchased. That's what that is. It's about 1/17th of a gallon of gas, is what that is.

Mind you, about six years ago, it would have been "I wonder how long that's been sitting on the ground, and is it clean enough to smoke."

I've come a long way, baby.

coastrat said...

It's nice that you have a good view of the mountains, Quin.

Hope that you do get the internet; a lot of us miss you and your beautiful writing!

Am back in Wisconsin this week and next, visiting and doing other things. We all went to the Concert On The Square this evening, on the lawn of the State Capitol building in Madison, with about 40,000 others. It was fun to go there again, and all had a good time visiting.

austere said...

Missed you tons.

What about the rotator cuff?

Say hi to Sophie.

Bud said...

One more question: at what stage is her lung cancer? No iPhone? That's going too far. I'm about to buy my second. Ah, to be three and allowed to fluff up a pair of boobs to nestle into.

Cormac Brown said...

"I have an addiction to limeade and Sprite Zero. And something called Cabbage stuffed with wasabi and shrimp and chicken."

No offense, I don't want to be around you when you burp.

Sorry to hear about the rotator cuff, I hope you get better.

Peter Varvel said...

Scrawled on the men's room wall: "Please do not throw cigarette butts into the urinals - it makes them soggy and hard to light" (~Paul Zindel)

Maybe we could somehow work that into the video? . . . not!

A torn rotator cuff? That DOES suck!

quinn said...

lol my name is quinn brown

vinny said...

I'm glad I came to read. Really intriguing observations quinn.

inflammatory writ said...

I love your writing, and I miss your near daily updates. I hope life is treating you very well, my dear.

Bill From Gainesville said...

QB - Fluffing up boobs is an awesome idea.... I need some boobs to fluff up and sleep on myself.

lisa nance said...

My childhood cat's name was Vincent. He was all black. He was found as a stray kitten on Vincent Street. He would run from one end of the house to the other and fling himself onto the screen door and stay attached to it when you opened and closed it. He also liked to climb up the curtains.

Quin Browne said...

lisa~we had a cat, vincent, from walmart. a coyote ate him. until then, he was great.

bill~i have nothing i can say to that.

writ~break a pencil, 'k?

vinny~i've enjoyed our chats, and your blog. i'm flattered you write and that you dropped by.

quinn~you have me with an extra 'n' and no 'e'

peter~it's a little tear.

cormac~ladies don't burp

bud~i am going to pretend i didn't see the info about the iphone. talk to bill about the boobs... you are in the same area.

a~sophie is more than i thought a cat could be.

cr~now, THAT sounds fun

gw~we'll go stare when you get here. then, i'll show you the polygamists.

Cormac Brown said...

"cormac~ladies don't burp"

There are variety of bodily functions that ladies "do not do." However, at some point, there will not be men, dogs, cats, babies, spiders or any other manner of creature that the blame can be placed on. Then, what be the source of said "functions?"
; )