Monday, July 6, 2009

slowly i settle, box by box

the apartment moves slowly into place.

i'm sure it would clip along at a faster pace if i didn't stop every so often to surf, write, throw the ball for sophie (who is in cat heaven with the long hallway), or try and finish 'the tenant of wildfell hall', which the bbc so nicely put into film form.

it's a bit like playing with one of those little puzzles, you know, the kind with the little blocks you move around inside a plastic frame, trying to make something? i move over a box, and slide in a piece of furniture which makes room for another box to shift over... eventually, the picture will be complete.

my desk is set up, i'm lacking a chair, but, that will be taken care of as soon as i find the goodwill store. it may be ackward to put it into norma to bring home... everything is new and interesting and i'll figure that out, too.

thursday, i go to my first production meeting for the film project i'll be working on. i'm not sure if they still want me to audtion, so, i'm going to brush up my 'long day's journey into night' monologue just in case. there is no audition for production manager, thank goodness.

the fireworks were amazing this past weekend... i live a stones throw from coors field, therefore, all i had to do was step outside to watch them. i've been fortunate with fireworks in my years--always able to see them from my home with a minimum amount of fuss. i wonder how douglass handled them this year.. she was never one for fireworks. i suppose she hid behind my mother, then, when they were over, trotted outside to bark a bit, to show them who was still around.

sophie slept through the entire thing.

my friend over at theraputicramblings is also settled in his new home... both of us getting used to smaller areas. i'm still thinking about buying a tv, and a sofa would be swell..

...all in good time.


Anonymous said...

I know well the game of shifting boxes and piles, Quin. It has now been a year since my husband and I joined our lives together and moved into a new home and we have yet to finish sorting and unpacking. It sounds like you are making good progress. A place to write is the first essential! :-)

I have a cat named Sophie too! In fact I borrowed her name for my blog. You can read about her and see her picture in this post -

austere said...

Amazing how everything is settling into place. :)

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

I have 5 boxes waiting for me at the post office.....most likely all books. Yay unpacking, or not.

Dee Martin said...

One thing I miss about Denver is the fantastic garage sales. We nearly completely furnished an apartment from garage sale finds when we lived there. Cheap, nice, and sold the stuff even cheaper to apartment neighbors when we got ready to move back to Louisiana so didn't have to cart it anywhere :)