Wednesday, July 29, 2009

days of our lives

things are moving along.

every day, i look for something to amuse me, to move me beyond the overwhelmed place i'm in. my mother is ill, awaiting the removal of a kidney... she lives with a family friend, who is 86--sharp as a tack--but, infirm. both of them are under my care right now. when mother is in the hospital, i stay overnights with Miss R, who needs someone there 24/7.

it's difficult for me to take this on, since i'm not really very close with my mother. however, this needs to be done, so, i go there every morning, and stay through breakfast, lunch, supper... and all that is in-between, from doctors appointments to errands.

so, i look for things that make me amused.

i've discovered the 'stork mortuary'--the irony of the name makes me laugh. there is the 'beauty salon' that miss r goes to, where no one under the age of 80 is there, including the hairdressers. the photos on the wall, advertising various looks, are from 1979. i'm pretty sure there is a parking space for walkers in the foyer.

there is the man who was driving the mitsubishi eclipse... a fairly pricey sports car. he pulled up as i was parking the chevy i drive these days (you can't fit a walker in a two seat-er, even if it is a mercedes benz), driving slowly down towards the open space next to mine.

he didn't park there, though.

he pulled into the handicapped spot, and stopped. i stopped too, to watch. slowly opening the door, he got out... all 90 years of him. he then held on to the side of the car, until he reached the popped open trunk... and he took out a walker.

yes, a walker.

in a sports car.

i laughed so hard, i had to put my hand over my mouth, although i'm fairly sure he wouldn't have heard me even if i'd been right next to him.

sophie is not happy right now, with my new schedule.. and the fact i come home smelling like the terrier, who, along with mother, is in my daily life. the terrier is in heaven with me there, almost wiggling out of her skin when i show up, lying by the door sighing when i leave.

outside, we have bob the stray cat, that miss r wants me to catch tomorrow, and take to the vet.


i'm going to go outside, lure a feral cat into a carrier and carry the swinging back and forth from him throwing himself against the sides carrier to the vet, who, if he is smart, will jab him with a tranquiliser through the grate then take care of his face and paw, both which show signs of being messed up in a fight.

so, i look for things every day, to amuse me, pull me out of the place i don't want to be, make things work.

and, they do.


Michael Manning said...

Quin: I've been there and my heart goes out to you. You are very smart to seek a balance with humor whenever possible. I laughed at this story as well with the 90 year old man in a sports car retrieving a walker! :D) My Best to You!

Anonymous said...

Finding reasons to smile in the midst of dreariness is a gift that will take you thru the worst of times. I'm not sure I could do day after day of adult care, it's very wearing, I admire you for doing it. Loved the stories here. Let us know how it goes with the feral cat! :-)

inflammatory writ said...

I'm sorry you're going through a rough time, my dear. Here's hoping for better days ahead!

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

In a ViagraWorld....he's gotta attract the Silver Foxes!

Jeeves said...

Its nice to see how you find humour in all moments. Take care.

Michael DeAntonio said...

I can picture it all vividly. Alot of old ladies try to dye their hair brown and it ends up purple. Please tell me you've seen at least one of these. That or a few "Q-tips".

Anonymous said...

Quin: I am so sorry for just now reading and commenting on your recent posts. being up north was like being in another world, and I was a bit off my normal stride.

You are truly a blessing to those around you!

Jennifer Hicks said...

what a huge commitment you've taken be able to find humour in a situation like yours is truly amazing!