Thursday, February 18, 2010

still chillin' --and neville is back!

cold and snowing.

inside, cups of tea, warm radiators and slippers take off the dampness... well, part of the dampness. the rest is held out by doors shut, steam from the kettle and left-over chinese from last night.

tonight, we open our little play... and at the moment, we wonder if anyone will show, as quite a bit is expected.

still, i'm content...if creatively blocked.

our neville fact:

last year, our neville and margaret went on a posh cruise with a number of their friends. one of the people they met was mimsy barker-smythe, from steeple-aston. mimsy insisted all call her sondra, as she felt this was a much better name, and fit her vision of herself.

sondra found neville to be a wonderful partner in draughts--they won the ship contest, giving them a bottle of champagne and a trophy. neville kept the trophy, handing over the bottle of champers to sondra to share with her roommate and best mate, vivian miller.

in the past year, sondra has continued to keep in touch with neville by email and currently on facebook. neville had started his facebook account to keep in touch with various friends from his old working days, and really didn't understand the entire thing. usually, he only played farmtown, something he enjoyed and excelled at doing. margaret usually handled his account--answering messages and doing the occasional post.

thus, margaret found the more and more personal messages to neville from sondra. she was fully aware that neville had no thought to respond, and pooh-pooh'ed the entire thing.

sondra, however, had neville on the mind... and fully planned on wooing him away from margaret. thus, when an opening at waitrose's appeared in the area here, she applied and received the job...and she bought a small semi-detached house in the village, putting her in neville's home area.

margaret was not happy--not happy indeed.


golfwidow said...

I lol'd. And I never lol.

- S

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And then?


Cormac Brown said...

Yes, nothing shoos away the gloom of winter like "The Chronicles of Margaret and Neville!"

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

I love the Neville tidbits.