Friday, February 19, 2010

the play carries on...

working with a group of children this year--at least they know their lines and cues,bless 'em.

i miss my chats with peggy and tim every day... i will be glad to be home for that reason alone. funny how you miss voices, isn't it?

hrh sends daily photos of zavier... keeping me abreast of his growth and changing. i have bought him far too much stuff here.

but, i can, so, there!

our neville fact:

mimsy (aka sondra) bought her house on london rd in the village, not a few miles from neville and margaret, but, where she'd pass their cottage daily. she's stroll slowly past, walking her yorkie, 'captain blackjack', and when she spied neville in the drive, powerwashing the cars, she'd wave and skitter over, batting her mabelline jet black mascara'd eyes. she'd spread her lips (coated in sugarplum pink) in a smile, sliding them over her teeth without leaving a bit of colour on her lips.

at first, margaret would look out the lounge window, and tut at the brazenness of sondra, wondering when it was going to end, deciding it was best not to say anything, as neville really was clueless, and she saw no reason to direct his attention to sondra's wiles.

it was after she and neville joined the silverstone 'silver shoes' morris dancing team, that things heated up. all the village knew margaret was scheduled for a bunion operation, and would be unable to participate in the county was then mim...sondra joined as an alternate, that margaret set her jaw, and went about dealing with the situation head on.


golfwidow said...

I have a feeling Sondra is going to get a can of whoopass opened upon her.

As is usually the case.

Cormac Brown said...

Sorry, I forgot to comment yesterday. Oh, and it's getting good!

austere said...

And then?

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