Tuesday, March 16, 2010

and in the end....

i'm at a place in my life where i'm no longer able to find anything to write about in this blog.

it started as a way to tell friends and family back in the land o'utes how life was in new york, so i'd not have to write long emails to everyone.

because of this blog, i've made a number of people i honestly call friend. i've traveled to new york, back to utah, to new york, visited england, discovered neville and margaret, went to some great gatherings with fellow bloggers... it's all been a great time.

now, i have nothing to write about, to be truthful. my days are so similar, i often forget what day of the week it is--not once, but, quite often.

so, i'm going dark for a bit... perhaps life will change, i'll find things that catch my eye and my ear and make me feel great joy when i write of those things. right now, that isn't going to happen. the biggest things i find are seeing the grandson, worrying about his kidney problems and taking care of miss ruby.

i will post the final chapter to neville and margaret... then, it's quiet time for a bit.

thank you all, who read here, who comment, who have reached out to become a part of my life and who have honoured me with allowing me to become part of your own.


my favourite photo of z (so far)


Solomon said...

Hey honey. Keep you.

Hit me up on Skype sometime?

harrietv said...

I understand. I've done it myself. But don't give up; we will be waiting for your words.

Keep in touch -- I've got another grandchild coming, in a month or so.

golfwidow said...

As long as you keep writing, it'll be okay that you don't write HERE.

inflammatory writ said...

<3 Keep in touch, please!

coastrat said...

Dearest Quin:
I understand. I have been dark for many moons now, for whatever reason(s). It doesn't mean that I don't think of you, that I don't love you, 'cause I do, very much, my friend! You are in my thoughts, and will continue to be. Even more important, you are in my heart, and always will be be. I hug you, and I love you!


austere said...

Will. Miss. You.

Cormac Brown said...


BTW, Z looks like the cutest little rapper in the world.

raino said...

please don't forget to keep in touch through e-mail, i truly enjoy hearing from you and reading about you here but i understanding. gosh, i haven't been to my place in like months and months. just can't right now....do come back!

Alone on the Isle said...

As you know, I have been there myself (although for different reasons I am sure). Take care of yourself and know that we will all be here, patiently waiting, when you decide to pleasure us with your words once again. Much love.

Michael Manning said...

I've visited this subject myself four times in five years. It is necessary for one to do what they must to rejuvenate their soul.I for one, hope you return! :)

vinny said...

It seems like every blog I follow is shutting down, to varying extents.

It's depressing.

But then who am I to complain when I haven't written for so long myself?

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Post cat videos.

Bob Jacobs said...

Just passing through. Shone my torch into the darkness, couldn't see you, but I know you'll see my footprints and know that I was here.

I hope life is treating you well.


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