Thursday, September 9, 2010

Three More Weeks

I've got three weeks left here, then, I'm gone again--12th move in four years.


This move makes me very happy... this move was planned... this move takes me back to NYC.  I will miss my weekly visits with my two daughters and my grandchildren.  I will miss our chats and having my mother here, and all of us bonding.  I will miss that far more than I thought I would.... in exchange, I'll have some friends in NYC, my niece in Brooklyn, a good friend sharing my space and Sophie.

It's a year in the city, after that, I suspect I'll come back to Colorado and settle down... but, in that last year?
I plan on exploring and listening and watching and living as much as I can.

And writing it all here.


Rebekah said...

It's not exactly a FAIR trade for your blood, but you can come to Andee's holiday party (and imbibe if you want - you can sleep over)

So glad to have you back!

harrietv said...

Looking forward to seeing you 8-)

Miss Alister said...

It sounds so fun. And scary...for me it’d be. Dallas was a lion cub, but NYC is a saw-toothed monster. So I’ll do the living vicariously thing, and relish your updates. And heaps of photos, I hope.

austere said...


And that's politely put.

Anonymous said...

I wish you a safe journey, Quin. Please keep in touch.

Michael Manning said...

Quin: I've been absent for far too long but celebrate your exciting move to "The Big Apple"! One of the things I enjoy about travel is asking people in coffee shops where they are from and i learn a great deal! Enjoy the journey! : )

vinny said...

I'm just glad to read your writing again.

Michael DeAntonio said...

Say 'hello' to Woody Allen for me.

Oh, and 'word is bond' to the Wu Tang Clan.

Anonymous said...


moving is not bad. It helps you to see things that are close to you and actually shows people, who really keep up with your pace of life.

I do understands, there is other side of it - the boring and very tiring bits of moving, when you have to pack, repack, organise, etc.

But hopefully, you will have a good experience and enjoy your new home! :)