Saturday, June 14, 2008


Things that make a day better come in many shapes and sizes.

1. My package from Solomon arrived, with wonderful candy, a great cereal bar, a nifty bamboo wash cloth, a book on wealth of all sorts...and, you could feel the good will from a very nice person on the other side of the pond. I had a swell time unwrapping it, and enjoying the scent of my coffee, the taste of the candy, the feel of the washcloth, and the beauty of my new soap... all in all, a treasure trove for my senses. How much more can someone who loves things to tickle her senses ask for?? woot!

2. Prince was in Brooklyn last night... Jukebox Stories hit town, and he and Brandon Patton put a greatly amusing (I never thought I'd laugh so hard at someone's experience with mushrooms), music packed (Brandon rocks) performance, that is intertwined with a murder mystery...ohhhh!!! The thrill for me was-- I guessed the murderer. It was simple, really...with Prince picking the killer, I only had to wait to see which of my two top names it would be. When Zack Efron was out of the running, I called out, "J'accuse!" and sure enough, it was Irina Slutskaya. He picked her for the reason I picked her; best name of the bunch. My gift for the correct guess?? Either a hat from the latest Keanu Reeves, no? Or, the mystery gift in his backpack... hmmmm.... I went with that, and am now the proud owner of Moondance Alexander.(IMDb it) If you've wondered about Don Johnson, and if he's made any films lately, well, I have a copy to show he has! Not that this film shows anyone cares either way. Saying it sucks is being kind. Which was the entire idea, of course. There was a six degrees on this prize and the killer mystery... Irina skates, and Sasha Cohen, who is in the film, skates. Wow! Thanks, Prince! This gift was on top of the gift of time and some swell conversation with a friend, a nice locale.. and, again, a very entertaining evening. For a brief shining moment, we thought someone he knows knew my brother, and we both got very excited and did the OMG thing, but, we were wrong. Still, it was fun for that brief shining moment, and we still had a good long chat... I wish him and Brandon safe journeys.

3. The Investment has a good friend whose parents went to Colorado, and picked both him and his much loved car up, to take them back to Utah. So, when I get back there, I have two of my FMDkids in place. A dear gift to me, indeed.

As The Investment himself would say..... word.


the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me. And now, a gift for myself- I'm off for a massage.


Writeprocrastinator said...

I saw Don Johnson when he Nancy Glass was interviewing him and let me say, I've never met anyone so confident in my life. The guy literally exudes confidence.

Quin Browne said...

i'd love a massage

wp~so i've heard. sadly, he was the best actor in this film..but, you know, kids would love it. and i'm going to give it to some kids.

my own personal favourite horse film is "wild hearts can't be broken"

i cry every time.

austere said...

This be the cake soap one has heard about?

Solomon is super. He always makes me grin. One is not much into grinning, btw.

Peter Varvel said...

I'm so jealous you won a prize at Jukebox Stories!
Once again, beautiful post!
Life is indeed in these type of gifts, and in the treasured details.
Thanks, luv, my Quin.

Brandon Patton aka BL4k Lotus said...

Ah, so you solved the case. Your next assignment: where is that Hedge Fund investor guy named Israel? Solve that, and you win Boy in the Bubble, with John Travolta!