Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Give A Little Bit Of Yourself

WriteProcrastinator tagged me, yet again.

He's good about that, and usually, it's something to do with writing...so, I'm good with the tagging. This time, it's in connection with this blog, Memoirs of a Mommy

I don't read that particular online journal, however, I had a look, to see what was on, why she was passing out this award, what the whole deal was... and, it became an hour long adventure.

It seems her son, Noah, was born with a severe heart problem back in 2007. Only one thing, and one thing alone would save him; a heart transplant.

Organ donation is something so many people twitch about when it comes to discussing the issue, much less actually checking that little box on their license or on a form at the hospital. How do you decide you want to give your eyes or your skin or your lungs, kidneys, liver... your heart to someone when you die? Even more difficult is making the decision to donate a loved one's organs. To make that decision when it's your child's organs, your infant's organs... I cannot imagine the deep pain, the intense bravery that went into the decision the parents who offered up this ultimate gift so that other children could live... including Noah.

On 7 July 2007, Noah received another child's heart... and he was allowed to live. His family can still hold him, and love him, and laugh with him as he grows older... while another family grieves the loss of their child.

I often discussed this with the Ex. That should anything happen to one of our children, I'd want them to be organ donors, it's a cause I believed strongly in. I, myself, was marked as a donor on my license, and advocate more people should be, it's so easy, and, lets be honest, you aren't going to be using them, are you? He fought me on this, saying you should be buried with the same things you were born with. I asked him if he'd be getting the boys foreskins back... and did he realise the organs would be in a bag in their stomachs after the autopsy? Great lot of good they do there, reminding me of a turkey at Thanksgiving.

He was not too happy with me sometimes.

We never could agree on this matter, and thank God, it was something we never had to deal with. He refused to be one himself, so, I know it would have been a huge issue should something have happened. My feeling was, and remains, I would be happier knowing somewhere, my child lived on... seeing through another child's eyes, their heart beating on, their organs prolonging another life. It would soothe me, I believe, knowing this.

I cannot understand how people can go though life and not do something as simple as become a donor... knowing the long list, knowing how important it is, knowing you can save so many.

Register. Mark that box. Think of the good you can do.

It is the one great sadness I have now, that I can no longer be a donor candidate. Cancer kinda stops that, doesn't it?

It doesn't stop you, though.

Give a little bit of yourself, share the love.

Accordingly, happily, I am to nominate people with whom I am sharing the love.

Bill from Gainsville~ he's a good guy, and he makes me laugh.

~ who works hard at finding gratitude in his daily life, making me search in my own.

Amber ~ who has a heart of gold

R~ who was there when I needed her

Take your Sharing the Love badge, with my love, please.... and pass on the word.

I mean, do we really want to go out like a turkey at Thanksgiving, when we can save lives?


Anonymous said...

I signed my license as a donor, but I think there is an age limit max that is considered in that issue. Bless you for championing this cause, Quin!

Bud said...

You know we've been into this for ages. Good job here, Q.

Writeprocrastinator said...

I told you that you would make me proud.

Well argued and well said.

Peter Varvel said...

I'm with you on this one, Quin. I take your/our perspective for granted and I'm baffled by those who have your Ex's view of this.
I feel the same about donating blood (if your status allows you to). It's actually healthier to donate on a regular basis because it causes your blood cells to renew and refresh themselves.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Thanks Quin, I am not sure what I am supposed to do though.... other then be grateful! and Yes, if you look at my card totally giving up my guts

Alone on the Isle said...

This is an incredibly important cause, and one that hits very close to home.

My brother spent the entirety of his life knowing that he would one day need a kidney transplant. In preparation for the inevitable, and knowing that when the time came, there was no guarantee a donor would be available, we asked all family members to get tested to see if they were a match -- shockingly, many balked, afraid to give up something they didn't even need. When he passed away, I could tell that certain of them were relieved, almost as if they had dodged a bullet. I lost a lot of faith in the human race during that time.

Please, to the extent you can, become a donor (we would not have had to troll for possible donors if people simply checked the box on their license).

Amber said...


You are such a sweetheart! Thank you for what you said... that really touched my heart :).

And I full on agree with you about this. We were going to donate my brother's organs, but... uhm... due to his injuries, there wasn't anything that was, uhm, viable.


I'm an organ donor. And any time that subject is brought up, I encourage the people in my life to make sure they are as well. It's an important thing and the ultimate gift you can give - even through death.

As always, your writing is excellent.

Now when are you going to write your best seller so I can pick up a copy at Barnes and Noble?! :)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

You know I'm all for organ donation. I should really go register one of these days.

Quin Browne said...

to everyone who is a donor~thank you, for realising what a gift you can give.

cd~DO IT.

isle~amazing, isn't it? how frail and silly humans are? i'm sorry for your great loss in both areas.

amber~i know, sweet potata... but, you make up for it, he'd be so very proud.

bill~remember to pass on the word, along with your guts.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

I consider organ donation to be the last gift we can give others. I have many friends in the medical field and I've seen the good that comes from organ donation, so I made sure to be a donor.

Thank you for posting this.