Sunday, June 29, 2008

Week One

It is so quiet here, I can hear people talking when they take twilight walks and are a block away.

Not even a week here, and I forgot what it was like not to live here. I'm on the Neebes' sofa, Mr. Neebes and the Sisterwife upstairs sleeping, Em and H are at their grandmother's house, and for a few brief moments, Tim and A are downstairs, playing with the controlled chaos of a 5 and 3 year old. I've fixed their breakfast, listened to them tell me about the morning, and watched tumbling, all accompanied by, "Miss Quin! Watch!". Kids don't get it that I am not good with kids, or perhaps it's because I laugh or scold, I'm not sure... but, they have dogged my steps since I came back.

Not such a bad thing, except when you are in the bathroom, and you hear breathing, and then, "Can you see my fingers under the door?"

My house will, with luck, be ready to move in by Tuesday. I have to say, the work the Zenmaster put into it in December is amazing. Since he's my business partner now, he gets part of the proceeds when the thing sells, to allow him to become a Flipping Zenmaster. The back garden has to be pulled out, dead grass and all, and I am looking forward to planning a nice cottage garden out there, to enjoy when it's the cool of the evening.

The Investment has become Sisterwife and my rent boy. You see, we laugh so loudly, no one ever wants to sit by us in a play or a film. We also make comments if the film sucks (trust me, there are films I've seen here where there is no one else in the place). No one laughs at the other person's really bad comments as much as she and I do, so, we needed a rent boy. We pay his way in, give him popcorn, a drink and some gummy bears, and he will go with us and sit without complaining.

He's also attached his ass to the front seat of Norma. Gee, I wonder what it is like to own a car? To drive one?

Along with my work as Prop Goddess, I've also been assigned set dressing. Still, I'm doing so much less than I used to, and, I'm getting paid so, woot!

Still waiting for my multitude of boxes to arrive... I keep my clothes in the back of the family van, and my personal items sit next to me on the floor. Thankfully, I remembered to look in all of the cupboards before I left... Up in one was a small ziplock bag, with some odd material inside. I sniffed, I looked at it in the bag, wondering, "What is this? A spice? Something from the last tenant that I missed when I moved in?" I wet my finger to touch it and taste it when it came to me what it was...

The last little tablespoonful of my Dad's ashes from when I buried him in September.

Yeah, very glad I realised it before I tasted, although he'd have found it very, very amusing. Far more than I would have, trust me, when I discovered it, and sat there spitting yelling, "EW! EW!".

I made sure I marked the bag this time... 'DAD'. I'm not taking chances again.

Life is slow, steady, a bit sad--and it waits for me to discover what is there to see.


Harriet V said...

"Can you see my fingers under the door?" 8)
It reminded me of Carol Burnett's story (which you've probably heard) of sitting in a public restroom. A little face appeared under the door: "Are you Carol Burnett?"

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

That whole "can you see fingers under the door" thing simultaneously make me laugh and then make me realise how much kids irritate the hell out of me.

Also...uuhhh did your father passed away on Sept 21st last year or that was just the day you blogged about it cause if he did passed away on the 21st....that would suck so much cause that's my birthday.


In any event sorry for you loss. Eventhough this came too late.

Quin Browne said...

i have heard that story, sorta mom... and, although cute, it does get annoying.

cdo~he passed away two years prior, i'd simply not buried the ashes.

so, your birthday is still perfect, and thank you very much for the words...

Anonymous said...

Hey, Quin, good to see you are in Utah and up and posting. It's good you recognized what was in the zip-lock bag before you tested it. My dad would definitely be laughing if I did that. The 'rent boy' is hilarious! Hope that you are adapting there ok.

austere said...

so many pieces of ourselves floating around in the ether...

Good luck with Norma.
Wouldn't bet on it, though.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Dont you just hate it when you almost accidently eat your dads ashes?

lisanance said...

two words "keith richards"

I can relate to your last sentence. It's how I feel having moved from Baltimore. I am completely out of my element and not as brave as I used to be.

Peter Varvel said...

Ay! That borders on being incestuous, had you licked those!
And he would've been right: it woulda' been very, very amusing!

Quin Browne said...

cr~it's an adjustment, but, i'm used to the whole place.

a~oh, i know... i have to call him for a ride. something so wrong there.

bill~true, especially when they are unseasoned.

lisa! i didn't know you'd moved! xx

peter~it's a game the whole family can play... not incest, but, guessing, "What's in the ziplock?"

Bud said...

Thanks SO much for the update. I've been wondering and wondering. This is going to be fun reading about how it all unfolds for you.

Writeprocrastinator said...

I can hear people talking to. Over the car alarms and cars bumping hip-hop, I hear the bums arguing full bore at the voices in their head and the people yelling at their significant others in person and on the cell phones.

I don't know how you deal with the quiet.

lisanance said...

Yep. I am now living in the 'burbs of D.C.

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