Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Letdown

Three days after strike, and I am still moping around the empty house.

Strike always depresses me to no end. You spend countless hours designing, building, creating costumes, characters, finding props, set dressing.... doing it all. Rehearsals, fittings, finding time on stage, last minute, and I mean last minute changes to the sets and things the actors had to fit into their blocking... opening nights that rocked, a season that was spectacular... standing ovations on a regular basis for one show.

Then, strike... and in a whir of motion, props are inventoried and put away, costumes marked for cleaning, photos taken, the whine of screw guns ripping apart the sets and in 24 hours... everything is packed up and put away.

Clean stage. Clean dressing rooms. Clean build area. It's as if we were never there...and I'm always sad about it all.

Sophie tries to make me feel better by playing "Let's eat your hand!", a game she finds far more interesting than I do. She also plays, "Lie on your chest when you are reading." and "Sit on your forearms while you are typing on the laptop.". Still, she comes when I call, and is very tidy... I can't ask for more (except for a halt to the eating my hand). The bad thing about a cat is, you can't walk it... I walk alone, and it's hot and I don't like heat and I don't want to garden and waaahhhh.

So, yeah, that's it, The Letdown after theater season. I'm settled into my big room, my huge closet is nicely organised, pictures are on my wall, I've had a nice time with a sleep over when Golfwidow stopped in on her way to Vegas to live, and I'm ready to have something new occur.

I'd like it to happen, oh, now? Until then, I've a trip coming up to see Peter and Prince and my brother, and that should be fun. Still, I want something to happen... I feel it in my bones, and I so hate waiting.

Now, now would be nice.


Peter Varvel said...

Are you kidding me, Dear my Quin? Feeling depressed and let down after EVERY production ends?
That's horrible! And yet, I know you deliberately subject yourself to these feelings over and over, with each opportunity that comes along.
It's like me continuing to adopt puggy dogs even though I know my heart will be broken all over again, eventually, when each one reaches their last days.
Hopefully Sophie will grow out of her hand-biting phasse . . . ?
Yay, you got to see Golfwidow!
See you next month!

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Quin, if you loved gay porn as much as I do, you would always have something to do and be preoccupied with.

austere said...


You could make a list of places to go to- that's what I do.

Folders marked Istanbul, Paris, Lhasa, NYC.. sooner or late will get there for sure. :)

Sophie is smart- is she psychic but? Except for the hand eating.

Cormac Brown said...

At least Sophie has moved on from eating eyeballs.

Don't dwell on the empty stage, but think of the next time you can make the magic happen all over again and create an entire world to fill that void.

Mike Valentino said...

Does the empty stage parallel an empty life? Oh, wait, that doesn't help. Here: think of rainbows!

Bud said...

GW stopped in? How cool!

I'm always pretty relieved when my season is over for about two weeks. Then i get really antsy and start kicking myself for not booking every minute I have free. But it sounds like you have no lag time before you start missing it.

Quin Browne said...

I think part of it was i had no transportation... now i do, i'm working on another project...

and, um, the gay porn.

gee, well... yeah. thanks for the suggestion, prince.

but (as it were) no.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...'re meeting with Peter and Prince.......................................................... =(

I don't want to talk with you guys anymore.

Peter Varvel said...

Aww, TCDO, don't pout. Your turn will come.
Some day the four of us will all meet up and hug each other and jump for joy in a circle of our own little non-sexual orgy.

And pile up on Mike.

AND watch gay porn together.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, it's always sad when a play ends, after all that time spent together planning and perfecting and rehearsing, only to have it end!

And, I'm not actually technically looking for apts in NYC, my roomate is! (She's there now, looking for us.) She wants to stay in Manhattan so I guess that's where she's looking...I only hope that my future salary can cover my rent and leave at least a little for food ;)

Anonymous said...

I often feel as you do, Quin, when a production I have been involved in, comes to an end and is over. Productions such as so many of the mission trips I have been on, and the civil war weekend events that I have been involved in each August. When they are over, it's a sad time.