Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's MeMe

Here is how it goes, you create a poem of sorts, using the following prompts. I decided this was easier than being truly creative:

Line 1: Your first name.
Line 2: Four descriptive traits.
Line 3: Sibling/Family member of...
Line 4: Lover of... (people/ideas/objects/etc)
Line 5: Who feels...
Line 6: Who needs...
Line 7: Who gives...
Line 8: Who fears...
Line 9: Who would like to see...
Line 10: Resident of... (your town/city/etc)
Line 11: Your last name (or you may choose another name to describe yourself).

I'd love to see other's versions of this, please... Mine is as follows:

quirky, nurturing,creative,droll
mother of many
who finds joy in theater and film
she knows the word love is as scary as the word cancer
yet still seeks that person who is her home
she gives as much as she's capable of
and worries it won't be enough
dreaming of walking the streets of london again
while living in a land of mountains and mormons

Your turn!


floreta said...

what a cool meme! i like how yours flows from line to line and you interpreted the rules loosely. very nice. it was harder than i thought it'd be..

golfwidow said...

Oh, my gourd, I started this one, nearly four years ago.

quin browne said...

floreta~thank you!


Peter Varvel said...

I love this!
Hope you're feeling well, enough to have a helping of black-eyed peas, even.
To new beginnings, and to the Next Great Adventure in your life!

raino said...

yes, that was tough. thanks for the idea... yours turned out so nice!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Mine doesn't rhyme!! IT DOESNT RHYME!!!!!

Why God?!! WHY?!!

quin browne said...

mine doesn't rhyme!