Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gettin' By

Even knowing what was here, it still surprises me.

Still waiting for my body to adjust to not having what it needs, and that is exhausting. The holiday was easy, but, tiring. Making coffee is exhausting. Feeding the cats is exhausting. I take naps to recoup from my nap... But, it's only another 15 days, and I'll get treatment, blood work and then back on meds, so, hurrah!

The house is sold, with my move out date (hopefully!) this weekend. I'm glad I never moved anything back in, thus allowing me to move out in a matter of hours... I've still no idea where I'll go, where I'll live, what I want to focus on. I think seriously about moving back to New York.... I also think about moving to the UK for a few months. One joy is, I'll have this massive freedom...

Life is moving on, doors shut, doors opening. Live and learn and be thankful I'm able to move on, not needing something in my life so desperately, I'll sacrifice myself. I have realised that doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is where madness lies. I have learned to not be surprised when people act the same way... again, it's not as if they just woke up and became this way-- we are people of habit.

Sophie continues to grow, making me wonder what her mix is... she's the size of a year old cat at six months.

I sound dull as ditchwater, and that is because I am right now.... the most energy I can put forth is reading, flipping channels and knitting.... and knitting little hats for an organisation I found online.

I'm hooked on Home and Garden TV and today, I've watched Wife Swap all day... and enjoyed it.

Someone save me.


Solomon said...

Come to the UK. You haven't lived until I've skidded you about in my beloved car. Bring Sophie too. Hide her under your skirt or something.

MSG and Vimto. What a fun mix. I must do this less often.

austere said...

That point was ouch but oh so true.
I love the way you're non-panicky. Just admire that.

raino said...

i'm sad that you'll be leaving canada....but happy that you are feeling thankful that you're able to move on and not needing something in your life so desperately, you'll sacrifice yourself. in all this sadness, i like that you see some good.

check out: http://momofboxer.blogspot.com/2008/12/five-questions.html

Peter Varvel said...

You are not dull. Right now you are a gypsy, like a working dancer! And that is very exciting to me.

inflammatory writ said...

I'll be selfish and say move back to NYC!

But you know, the UK has free health care. And decent scones. :)

Cormac Brown said...

Hang in there, it sounds like you are past the halfway point. I love HGTV except for the shows that fixate on one room and one room only, whether it is the kitchen or the den.

"Sophie continues to grow, making me wonder what her mix is... she's the size of a year old cat at six months."

Uh, yeah, she's half-dog, ya know?

Get the ball Sophie, go fetch the ball!

Bud said...

Go where you're happiest and Happy New Year, Quin!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Hey Peter! I want to be a Gypsy too! Dammit!

Happy New Year Quin! May this year be better then all the last one...you know,,,those ones...

gel said...

You don't sound dull to me. You sound human and quite interesting.I don't know the history behind some of your words, but I empathize with devastating chronic fatigue. I wish you a much better 2009! Glad the house sold and hope the closing goes smoothly this weekend.

Your comment on my blog brought smiles of hope to me. Thank you. Save you? Well, if you move back to NY, we can go to the theatre!

Louise Larsen said...

Quin. I'm out of the loop on why the move, but you sound very strong and I hope that your medical issues lead you to find a great doctor.

About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder which took years to diagnose, but long story short. Got a good doc. Right meds and it's helped dramatically.

Be well and remember. Nothing stays the same. Just ride the avalanche like a surf board!


quin browne said...

awww, thank you everyone!

and, new york is looking better and better...

((hugs)) to all for dropping a word or two.

Louise Larsen said...

There are two places I'd own residences in, if I were not mother to two fine daughters:

Brattleboro, Vermont

And, always, always, always in New York City.

My home will always be in those places.

Meanwhile, I have children and schools and a life in a safe, organized world...And I try to keep my personal desires in severe reality-check as much as possible.

But, I'd be utterly lost without the internet.


Can you imagine if the Bronte sisters had facebook?!!!

floreta said...

you are far from dull. hope 2009 is a good year for you :)

vinny said...

Wish you a healthy and happy 2009 quin.