Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Brief History

i'm home from new york, a week early.

thanks to not taking care of my medical needs before i left, i found myself with an increasingly annoying toothache, which spread to a jaw ache, which spread to my cheekbone and then to my sinus cavities and finally, my ear.

yeah. it sucks. the worst part was the flight home, which took two days and three plane trips. our flight out of chicago was delayed just enough to not let me catch my trip to home, so, united kindly put me up for the night. oddly, it's the third time this has happened.. and each time, my luggage makes it here 24 hours before i do. i guess the cargo hold is the place to ride if you want to arrive on time.

tomorrow, root canal!

new york was simply amazing... the weather bounced around like mad, k kept log of what she calls 'quinisms' she plans on posting here, and i was able to see my sweet nathan (my old roommate) along with cf and her brood, a show on the great white way, and my beloved c and r. both boys were elated to see me, and i was offered the job of keeping an eye on them this summer. since theater is out for me, it's something i was considering.

then, hrh and thehusband decided to move back to colorado. so is theinvestment... thus, i'll be heading back that way, too. thank god for zenmaster, who will preview apartments for me... allowing me to rent sight unseen. he knows my taste, and my budget, and will find the best deal.

the saturday before i left, on my way to brooklyn, i realised i was outside of 10 columbus circle, where my favourite playwright was going to hold a talk on his recent play, 'reasons to be pretty', which has picked up a number of nominations for 'best', including a tony nod for best play. it was a small crowd, and neil labute worked them like a pro. the man never fails to entertain me, amuse me and wish i could hear him speak for just a bit longer than the time he does give over. emdashes is going to print the review i did of his play, which rocks.

i am sorry i missed seeing 'mary stuart', however, i'm fairly sure nathan and i will attend when i go back in june for the six sentences book party.

it's good to be home, sad to leave k just before the shoot--i'm thrilled to have a root canal tomorrow, really, i am.. which proves how much pain i'm in. poor k! i moaned about it the last two days before i left.

i'll never ignore dental advice again! (she lied)


inflammatory writ said...

Ugh! That sucks! I was wondering why you left so soon...I could have sworn I had more time to get my shit together so we could make plans. Ah well. That's life. Feel better really soon!

austere said...

Ouch and awful.
I hate RC's.

Ok, so you are returning to NY soon.

Do you suppose an ice compress might help?

Bill From Gainesville said...

Root canals suck really bad, I have had two of them and one of them only about half a year ago... I am feeling for ya...

Cormac Brown said...

Good gravy, the altitude could not have, I hope they give you the good stuff today, to ward off the pain.

Anonymous said...

Root canal... UGH!

Pray tell, Quin, after the sale of your home, where IS your home now?