Saturday, May 23, 2009

Soon, soon

things are rapidly moving forward.

i had planned on being out of this flat and on the move to the new one in mid june... however, depending on what the zenmaster sees when he looks at my two choices tomorrow, i may have a place in denver by monday, with a move in date of 1 june.

this means i'll have to pack up this place, put it in storage, move in with hrh to help out while she's alone, help her pack, we'll load up two trucks, and i'll settle into my new place 3 weeks after i started paying rent.

the other option is the flat available in july, putting me with storage in denver, and shuttling sophie and i between friends until i can get in..

both ways create their own problems.

and, all problems can be sorted out easily.

it's hitting me, i'm actually leaving this little town i've lived in for 8 years, leaving behind memories of friends, my dad, theater, good times.

and moving to where i'll have more memories and good times to be made.


austere said...


Anonymous said...

MOVING. Always a time of uncertainty, and also a time of excitement, sort of, of what lies ahead, new and unknown.

I like Denver; have been through there several times, coming and going from and to Wyoming.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

3 weeks after you start paying rent? Dude, taht sucks balls.

JM said...

I want to move so badly right now. You're making me jealous even though you're facing complications.

I hope your move goes as smoothly as possible.

quin browne said...

i'm growing to hate the word:move.

Cormac Brown said...

You'll have a better time and apparently according to the "House Hunters" episode I saw last night, you'll be spending a lot less money that I had previously stated.

Cormac Brown said...

Oh, wait...listen.

Did you hear it?

C'mon, listen carefully...

...see, there it is. What, you didn't hear it? The crickets said they were going to miss you, too.

That, or they said, "chirp, chirp, chirp." I don't know, I'm not fluent and I only took an introductory class in Cricket.