Tuesday, August 4, 2009


mother fell down some stairs today, her foot having slipped on the carpet.

i'll be over there, 24/7 for a day or so, to see how she goes... her back was hurting, but, the tube in her kidney seems to be okay. the good side to all of this is i am back to creative cooking...something i've not done in ages. living alone, well, i didn't cook. now, i have two ladies who find great pleasure in what i create.

plus, i have an unlimited budget for their meals... coq au vin, lasagne, rich soups, lovely salads, slow roasted pork loin, shrimp spring rolls... it's great fun.

i shall return.


austere said...

Good Lord.

Lucky the X ray was ok, they're so brittle this age.

Creative cooking? Didn't know this facet to you. O' Quin.

harrietv said...

Tell your mom I'm glad she's okay. Even if she doesn't know me -- at least I know when your birthday is (snark, snark).

Anonymous said...

wow... a close call with the stairs!

I am so glad you are having an enjoyable time creating meals.

Pleasure in a day is where we find it, huh?