Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bless the Children

Sometimes, you hear something, and you realise you can actually take that knowledge and use it.

I read Guest of a Guest. I like to pretend I would actually know what to do at one of the events they attend, to wear an über chic dress and mingle, when I am more at home in clothing that is more retro than über and would be pretty tongue tied, or say something totally unsuited for the event. Still, it's nice to dream, so, I live vicariously though ModelBehaviour and Guest of a Guest.

On April 8th, GoG published a great article on Somaly Mam, an extraordinary young woman who survived being sold into prostitution by her family as a young girl. Not as a teen or a young woman--as a young girl. Survived is the key word. That she has a smile which reaches out to those around her gives faith in the resilience of the inner being.

One line in the article stood out, in a heartfelt, beautifully written article that was full of words we should never have to discuss, about a subject that shouldn't exist...but does...

“Child and pimp should never be used in the same sentence,” exclaimed Petra Němcová. (the model founded Happy Hearts Fund for disadvantaged children worldwide).

We can help. We can make a dent in keeping the human race from forgetting children, we can remember children are not something to be tossed aside with less thought than given the pets so many have. I don't begrudge the rights animals have... when I think many eat better, have better homes, more rights than a huge number of third world children... it worries me.

As a race, we have to step up and protect our young. Treat them with respect, love, care, concern...

Right now, you can do a small bit, here in New York, with a special showing of the film, Holly.
The paypal link on Guest of a Guest will direct you on how to buy the tickets.

This is a film everyone should see, I feel...but, those two special screenings that allow you not only a viewing of this amazing film, but, a chance to contribute to a cause we should hold near and dear to our hearts...

Saving our children.


Peter Varvel said...

Thank you for posting this, Quin.
Something like this breaks my heart, and I'm glad to see that people can be proactive to help fight this worldwide problem.

constant drama said...

Things like these break my heart. The evil that men do.


modelbehavior said...

oooo I see the domain name is up and running. Easy, right? SWEET!