Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not My Six

This grabbed me.

Jina Moore, who lives and writes out of South Africa, wrote a Six Sentence that simply floored me in it's intensity, it's depth, it's truth.

I've also linked her blog, which has the same piece on it....

We see things, we are stunned by what we do, and far too often, we turn out heads and move on, doing nothing.

It's time we stop, take a stand, and do something, somewhere.

Find your cause, stand strong, and fight.

Thank you, Jina.


Grateful Guy said...

Sentence #5 really bought it home to me. Impressive.

Peter Varvel said...

No exaggeration, the fact that this 6 can floor you.

austere said...

And endless, like a cycle.

Michael Manning said...

Well said, quin!

austere said...

Once, at the airport, I met a tutsi, he was going to buy machinery to set up a fruit processing plant. He didn’t have any close family left after 1994, all of eight people before. Yet he wanted to close this chapter and move on.