Friday, April 18, 2008

Hey, Ma! Look At Me! I Can Fly!

The Jarhead called.

He had me take a look at the video below.... he said it's all about his job.. and the men (pilots) he works with. He said, "Listen to the words, it's what we think about those guys who fly."

I laughed very hard, then. But, you know, I worry about who is up there-- in those big flying machines.

And decided I won't be visiting him on base any time soon.


Amber said...

I... really don't blame you!

Although, I doubt with my thing for "men in uniform" -- even that video would deter me if I had the chance to go hang out with hot military men for a day!

Haha! :)

I also have a thing for intelligent guys in glasses with great senses of humor.

Unfortunately, I've yet to find either of those types that prefer fluffy girls with a pervy sense of humor that alternates between laughing and being too serious.


Maybe someday, right? :)

Quin Browne said...

one never knows, do one? especially when one has that for a mother.

Amber said...

So... I read your comment and I was really confused. I mean, I understood the first part of it but not the second. Then, thinking I'm just daft, I read it to my mom... and she either gets it and doesn't want to tell me, or doesn't get it at all.

Which means I'm just going to ask you because I'm STILL confused... what do you mean by the second part of your comment? And don't laugh at me!! I know I'm a bit dense sometimes, lol.

Quin Browne said...

you could have described me when you wrote that.