Monday, April 7, 2008

Slacking Off

Yes, I am a slacker.

And, I don't just mean some parts of my body slack, I mean I've slacked off in putting down words and thoughts and blatherings... from what I've seen, many a person has hit this wall. A feeling of, "Well, what do I say?"

I'm ashamed of myself, to be honest... I ride a Ferry full of people to look at, listen to, a bigass City that has something going on at every moment, I have the Boys to fill in the cracks, friends around... and I've not written a word.

Ich bein ein slacker.

Or something along those lines.

Tons going on in the lives that interlink with mine... Miss Sof is going off to France to work on an art project, to finish out the circle of a story in her family... I'm looking forward to hearing the ending. GW had a birthday yesterday, which we celebrated with that ManofHers, Sortamom, a good friend of the Widow's, and lots of lovely Chinese food. I was taken to MalWart, where I purchased left over Easter goodies.


Not as if I'd mailed the kids their Easter baskets yet... now, they'll have more.

C. has been filling me in on the many kinds of animals of all kinds that are going extinct. We have a daily discussion, which takes up the hour of his homework, and is a great bargaining tool in getting said homework done. One animal, five words on his practice sheet. Eventually, it's all completed and we can play.

The Investment has his car back, working on repairs and blah blah blah... I tuned out when he and Doppleganger were in chat together. Oil...gas... wait! There I go again.

MrsS told me the peach trees bloomed, then, it snowed, so, we'll have peachacots this year... woot!

Godmother is rocking along on chemo... I rang, and she was peddling along on her exercise bike. That woman amazes me. And, she'll outlive us all.

Austere sent me a poem, so beautiful... I treasure it. I printed it and framed it and it hangs on my wall. It soothed me in times of sorrow.

Peter and GW and Doppleganger and I have Gizoogled every page we can find. Try it. Prepare to laugh.

Spring is here, the bums are coming out of the train stations and seeing their shadows... pretty soon, they'll move into the parks... this is when you know it's spring in New York.

There, I've babbled... I'm off to snoop around, and actually find something worth writing and reading.

No more slacking off, it's boring, isn't it?


constant drama said...

Hey you write what you see right? Your German cracks me up.

Spring huh? I never seen spring. Well I mean real spring.....not in the movies. Meh.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Glad to see you around. Blogging definitely ebbs and flows.

Peter Varvel said...

Sometimes, slacking off is a necessary evil.
Blogging has been more of a fun toy for me, so far. I don't know that I have anything important to say--I just like attention.

Grateful Guy said...

I hear you. I often go through dry spells when blogging.

BTW, the link to the Gizoolge thing is broken.

golfwidow said...

Also, you need to try this:

It's the same thing but for Twitter. Put in your Twitter username and it will Gizoogle the tweets for the people you're following.

Quin Browne said...

i shall fix said link, thanks for letting me know!

Anonymous said...

Heehee, I love that you're only sending Easter baskets now! :D

austere said...

Ah its the season...

The big city waking up after all the cold, enjoy enjoy no problem store all that you see and hear and there's always later, yes, no?

Waiting to write you a new set of lines, part 2. :)

Writeprocrastinator said...

That Gizoogled is pretty funny, though you have me watching "Keeping Up Appearances," to sate my Neville and Margaret-fix (last installment was back on March 26th!). Please, don't hold out on me, Quin.

Seraphine said...

Lots of important things in your slacking, babbling, and self-described "boring" life.