Saturday, February 14, 2009

Big Ev

Loo is engaged to a really nice man.

Big Ev (no, I've no idea on all of him, but, he's 6'8", thus the moniker) is pure delight. Not since The WeatherGuy have I been around someone who listens to what you say, retains it, and follows through. Before, I'd mention delightful single malt, pomegranate juice, chocolate ice cream...and, what do you know?.... it appeared. Just for me. Ev knows I never get flowers, and every time I'm here, he sends them.... and remembers I like roses and lilies. In pale yellow. My current bouquet is on my dresser, the first and last thing I see every day. He knows I have my little UK mobile, so, he calls and sends text messages, just so I can use it (he knows I love the Jackson 5 ring tone James put on for me). He, too, honestly critiques my writing, and I appreciate it, as he's a writer, too. A good one.

Like The WeatherGuy, he has awful puns. Groaners. The kind you say, "NOOO!!" when they are done. He has that same level of melodious voice, soothing...only he has a proper Yorkshire accent.

He works at a number of things, all of them something he's good at. At one time in his life, he was part of the guard for Princess Anne... and he's told some very funny stories about that time in his career.

He is perfect for my Loo--for any number of reasons. They look at each other with deep love and respect, and it gives you hope.

I love Ev to bits...not for the flowers, or the bad puns or the jokes or the good conversations... those are part of it, granted.. but, I love Ev because he loves Loo and HB and MB and he's a wonderful dad to his own brood. I love him because he is tender to them, caring, funny.. he sorts out what each girl needs from him, and gives that... never overstepping into the role of their father, they've got one of those, but, he is a kind friend, one who loves them as a child needs to be loved; with compassion and understanding.

He adds to my pleasure of being here...

And, he sends me flowers.

Our Neville Fact

Margaret is secretly taking tap dancing lessons with Lisa in the Village. Her plan is to dance to "Tea for Two" on Neville's next birthday, wearing seven veils she'll remove during the dance. Margaret believes in mingling cultures.


Cormac Brown said...

Tap and seven veils? I wonder what Scherzade (sp?) would've done with that?

austere said...

Touchwood. Hope.

Salome and the seven veils, right?

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

I couldn't respond to your previous I will now: Ed Harris...awesome! I wish I could have seen him.

Peter Varvel said...

Oh! I hope Ev ends up appearing as even a fictional character in your writing!
I would pay to see Margaret perform this dance.