Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Scribblings Word Prompt~Regrets

She stood in front of the door, the words to "My Way" running through her head.

It was time, she knew that. She'd held on to the dream, the hope, for far too long now. It was time to admit it would never happen, that her life would never have room for it again... time to accept it was a mistake to have held on this long. Time for regret.

Leaning her head against the door frame, she gave a small sigh of memory. Of good times had, words whispered to another leaning towards each other in a dimly lit room, of the way she felt, the confidence that radiated from her.... this is why she was so reluctant to relinquish it all. To admit it was over and done and would never be part of her being again.

It was time. To stand tall once again, to reach out, to touch the dream... and put it in the pile of clothes to be donated. It was time to accept shoulder pads would never come into fashion again, especially not under that particular shade of blue, and to be honest, no one but Alexis Carrington and Joan Crawford ever wore them with style and grace.

Regrets, she'd had a few.... but, never as many as keeping that dress in her closet for so long a time, waiting for the fashion world to give back the uber power suit to women. Two toned jacket with a peplum, big buttons, tight skirt, bold colours, and those shoulder pads that proved women could hold their own in the Boardrooms of Major Corporations. No, there was no past fashion she regretted keeping as much...unless you counted the leg warmers still tucked away in the back of her sock drawer.

After all, you never know, do you?


harrietv said...

The fashion "experts" lost their credibility when they tried to give us unflattering midi-skirts after the minis that could be so cute. Women who had begun to wear slacks with their minis at work in the interest of modesty continued to wear slacks, an no one really believed the stylistas again.

raino said...

ah,the memories.

there is a lady in my yoga class that wears a different coloured leg warmer each class and i swear to god they are actually from the 80's and she had them stashed in the back of her sock drawer or something. i am sure i had the same colours! re: shoulder pad - i for one loved them!

Susan's Snippets said...

Q -

I have a closet FULL of those clothes. I don't hold on to them for a hopeful resurrection, instead I suffer from emotional attachment. What I was doing when I wore them...the memories flood back as I go thru my closet in trying to determine what I can donate and what I should keep...always putting into the bag the newer pieces that don't speak to me as much.

not as tangible to touch

Cormac Brown said...

With a couple of modifications, you could use them as uniforms for backyard football.

Valley Girl said...

Omigosh, legwarmers!!! I hate to admit it, but they were, by far, my favorite piece of my 80's wardrobe. =(

The UnaDater said...


Im back!!!! I missed you!!!

Peter Varvel said...

I'm not as depressed about old clothing items not coming back into style as I am about not being able to fit in them anymore. :p

Alone on the Isle said...

A simple, yet beautiful piece.... We all have regrets, and we know we shouldn't. but letting them go is so hard.

golfwidow said...

I'd have an easier time letting go of what's no longer in fashion if I could afford to update my wardrobe.