Saturday, February 28, 2009

The biggest oxymoron in the world isn't military intelligence.

No, the biggest oxymoron in the world is 'power shower'. Whomever invented this useless bit of tripe lied when they discussed it's attributes. Buggeryfuck!

However, bathing here is an art... deep wonderful tubs you fill with hot water and one of a zillion different bath scents. Myrrh, jasmine, roses, sandalwood... just a few of the bottles of scented bath soaps I saw today at Waitrose. I was in olfactory heaven!

Today, I used Tesco's brand of lemon body wash... I can still pick up the tangy smell on my skin.. I felt refreshed and chipper from that portion of my cleaning... the power shower part?

Not so much.

Our Neville Fact

Neville and Margaret bought a Wii for the grandchildren, then kept it for themselves. They've created characters to represent themselves and others in their lives. Sometimes, to be daring, Neville will be 'Jesus', and when he mucks up, he says, "Oh my Dad!" or "DadDamnit!". Even though he's done it many times, it still makes Margaret giggle.


raino said...

tagged you at my place

inflammatory writ said...

The British do lots of things right. Bath products and scones are just two of them. Mmmm. Scones.

coastrat said...

You are having a good time over there, aren't you? I'm glad!

quin browne said...

raino~i'm flattered!

writ~scones. hot. with butter and cream and strawberries. *drool*

cr~i am indeed.

golfwidow said...

I don't think "power shower" is an oxymoron so much as it is a misnomer. I spent only a week in England and the bit I liked least was the pathetic water pressure. The tub was awesome, but the shower should have been renamed to "drizzle."

quin browne said...

gw~oxymoron, misnomer... either way, it sucks.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

At first I thought you wrote, "Power Hour"....which made me go....REALLY?!

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