Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Three Word Wednesday Flash Fiction

The words were candid, impulse and risk.

My Bad

Thom and Molly started their relationship via an internet chat room. Later, meeting in person, they realised they had an true attraction, deep and intense. He was shy, burned. She was more experienced, willing to try almost anything, teaching him all sorts of new games. One night, after a particularly naughty exchange on the phone, he decided on an impulse to take a candid shot of himself, and text it from his phone to hers. As he pressed send, he remembered why he should never risk not wearing his glasses when using his contact list.

He doubted his mom will appreciate seeing how he'd grown.


ThomG said...


But did you have to name the main character after me?

quin browne said...


susan said...


austere said...

a Molly?


the Constantly Dramatic One said...

So wrong yet sooo funny at the same time. Haha!!

floreta said...

LOL i couldn't help but think of Thom from 3WW ;) lovely story.

Anonymous said...

OH, LORD! Ooooops!

quin browne said...


susan~thanks much.

astie~molly then mom on the contact list

cdo~i'm pleased you liked it

flora~thom wasn't as amused. lol

coast~oops, indeed!

Heather said...

This was too funny. Great job!