Monday, March 3, 2008

Boys Who Are Blonde

Double Duty Day.

Bunch of years ago, my dad came to my school, and announced to me that I wasn't going to get that puppy I wanted...


Instead, again, I was getting another sibling.

Another brother.

This one, I adored... he wasn't held out as the successor to Jesus Christ, nor as all I should be... he was a great toy for me to play with. He wore diapers my Mawma always seemed to bleach with something coloured in the washload, so, they were tinted pastel colours of green and blue and pink and yellow... He was blonde and blue eyed, a wonderment to my dark self.

I was allowed to name him, and name him I did.... to his later disgusted self.

He stands godfather to TheInvestment, he works hard, is a good man and his wife... I adore his wife. They are both people you wish you could have in your life, and when you find out they are, send a prayer out to God in gratitude.

He wasn't always swell, but, he's my Baby Bro... He and the Wife take on Jarhead, who looks like their child, and who will more than likely work for BB when he gets out of the service.

Happy Birthday, BB...

The segue to Jarhead is simple... today, he was promoted to Corporal Jarhead in the USMC. I was going to go watch him receive his stripe....but, he said they have a hazing ceremony he'd prefer I not know

I'm still on the set, too... 15 hours yesterday, 13 today, another long haul tomorrow.

The upside is the unique folk on the bus...but, that's for tomorrow's ramble...

Today is about my blonde haired boys...


Peter Varvel said...

Congratulations to your son on his promotion, and to you the Proud Mom, rightfully so!

Your dad showed up at school to announce no puppy, but an expected baby? At school?!! He didn't just wait until you came back home from school to tell you?

constant drama said...

Corporal now huh? Whoa....he justb got waaaaaay hotter. Waaaaay....


Oob said...

Congrats to Jarhead from me. Hugs to you. ;)

golfwidow said...

I'm kvelling.


Quin Browne said...

peter~mom had csections, so, we knew she'd gone into hospital. we are a dramatic family.

cd~contact him already

oob~i'm so glad to see you again

gw~have a knisch.

MrHarlequin said...

How come you sound more and more like I'm supposed to, whilst I sound more and more like, well, you.

(Work that one out and you can be Stephen Hawking's editor... but not his nurse)

I'm happy for the Jarhead, as I'm sure he can now begin to use the maternal icy glare to good effect.

You must be very proud - I'm sure your Dad is.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Blonde Hair Boys ----> we rock. :)