Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Enviromental Youth

Boys don't change.

Walking home from the bus, I was privy to the following conversation, held between two boys, sitting on their bikes... creating their perfect cars. It was a youthful pissing contest...one I'd heard my own brother have, my sons... this one, however, this was....current.

Boy 1--Yeah, my car... it's going to be black. Black with black leather interior.

Boy 2-- Mine is going to have stripes, thin racing stripes. And, blacked out windows.

Boy 1-- Well, I'm going to have fat tires, and spinner rims.

Boy 2-- Huh. Me, too. And, and, I'm going to have a (blah blah) stereo system, with surround sound.

Boy 1-- Yeah. And, I'm going to have a 350 engine, with an auto trannie.

Boy 2-- I'm going to have a 450 hemi... turbo.

Boy 1-- I'll have GPS. And a DVD player.

Silence. The gauntlet was thrown. How can this be surpassed??

Boy 2-- Mine will get 40 MPG.

Game. Set. Match.


Solomon said...


My car has a reversing light as an aftermarket accessory. But it gets at least 60 MPG.

constant drama said...

My car is blood red in colour. And it reminds me of Barbie's ferrari that I used to play with.

Top that, bitches.

golfwidow said...

I want hydrogen.


(Your layout looks much better.)

Anonymous said...

Two goombas were walking in Bay Side and said....

Bob Clay said...

I've got a 16 year old Volvo that has a heater in the drivers seat to keep yer bum warm.

(I think I just pissed away my street cred).

Bud said...

Yeah when gas was $.25 I still wanted 70mpg. Finally got it but gas is $3.50. You can't win.

Deborah said...

There is hope yet.

austere said...


Peter Varvel said...

Is this part of that whole "sports cars are phallic symbols"-thing, or ovecompensation for a small penis?