Thursday, March 27, 2008

See You In A Few Days

Time out.

I'm having to take one of these. I'd love for you to have a gander at some of the people who have online journals I lurk in, including Things I am Grateful For (there's a contest, mention my name!) who always gives me reasons to remember why I'm in a good mood, Austere, a woman who makes you hear in colour, My Inflammatory Writ...she writes a great journal, amusing and on point, Skinbeater Greg...I never know what I'll find there, he's on his game. My SortaMom... she rocks. And puns.

There isn't a single journal I list I don't read every day. Some amuse me, some make me think, they are all part of my routine.

I am immensely proud and humbled that people read the mumblings I put here.

Thank you, again.

Now, go, read....enjoy.


constant drama said...

You're having a writer's block too? Damn, this thing is like the flu.

Oh well shall await your return mi'lady.

Peter Varvel said...

Power. Strength. Energy.


Some of my mantras, and sending them your way, via love and positive vibes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the snaps (I watched Legally Blonde 2 last nite--don't ask!) and hope to see you back real soon!

austere said...

Am honored. Thank you.
You take care, ok?

Quin Browne said...

cd~i wish it were that

peter~thank you!

greg~am SO not going to ask. go stand in a corner.

austie~i am doing my bestest.

golfwidow said...

Sending appropriate hippie-intensive good vibes.

inflammatory writ said...

Thanks for the shout out babe! Hope you get out of your no writing funk soon. :) I heart your blog.

Rebekah Sue Harris said...

i've got a complicated plan to get our appointment. will keep you posted.

will also email privately re comment on a guest blog <3

Writeprocrastinator said...

She tips her hat and rides toward the sunset. Joey pauses, then realizes that she's riding away and runs after her.

Joey Starrett: Quin. Quin. Come back!