Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day One

You hear the best conversations in New York.

After a semi delayed flight out of Vegas yesterday, via Virgin (an amazing airline), I finally set down at JFK, and, like the now seasoned traveler I have become, I found my way to the wrong place, and had to phone to find my transportation. Being redirected into the airport, I did find the driver, and discovered I was sharing my ride with, surprisingly, two women from the next town down from me in the Land O'Utes and a woman who was, shall we say, in the entertainment business.

How do I know this? She was on the phone for most of the trip making, um, appointments. Expensive appointments. Very expensive appointments. Appointments so expensive, I considered throwing my morals and values to the wind, and lying on my back to think of England.

How expensive? $800 an hour is what she was quoting. That is when I realised I am in the wrong business.. and sadly, would giggle madly at the idea.

The other two women tried to pretend they weren't listening. Me? I leaned into her space, to catch every word. She drummed her extra long nails on the armrest, adjusted her belly shirt, and flicked the charm in her navel. It was like watching some exotic animal... I was <-> close to a pro.. it was heady.

She flipped her long hair over her shoulder, as she manipulated her phone and a date book... fending calls from back in L.A., chiding one of her, um, friends, for booking the wrong night for a car to pick her up. "Just call one number, and you'll have enough money to pay for a decent hotel until you can catch the right flight tomorrow, girl! We've got that party we are booked for on Friday, and I need you there. Just call a regular, okay?"

I decided it was best not to ask if it was an open invitation party... We did, however, fall into chatting... she told me how she'd raised her daughters in South Carolina, away from her work, and such... she flew to LA and New York when she needed to, and made enough to keep them in private schools and provide what they needed and wanted. She never openly said what she did, but, she did allude to her being 'busy' a lot... and now, she had her own business. I didn't ask for details.

She wiggled her fingers at me when she left the car, mouthing, "Bye!". All that was left were me and the two shocked women, who looked askance when I smiled and said, "Now, THAT was a conversation, wasn't it?"

Twenty minutes later, I was ensconced at K's, the sofa converted to my new bedroom, and yawning, ready for sleep.

It was the perfect first encounter during this trip.


inflammatory writ said...

Ooooh! I'm taking Virgin when we go to San Francisco in June! Glad to hear its a good airline, because I hate flying.

Let's make plans for a drink/coffee really soon.

austere said...


wide eyed.

coastrat said...

What an interesting beginning to your latest trip experience. Too cool!

Cormac Brown said...

Virgin is the best, The Teen won't fly any other airline if we can help it.

As far as the "entertainer?" Netscape/AOL keeps flashing some headline about "the recession affecting the world's most oldest impression." Someone should tell her about this downturn.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

At let me just ask the obvious....was she a whore or a pimp? Or a whore that turned pimp? Hhhmmm...

Michael Manning said...

And yet, to her it was probably just an everyday event--her conversation and lifestyle. I've seen rich people talk on the phone like this. Very dramatic and yes, Sir Richard Branson has a good airline if you're talking Virgin and not Virgin America. A great read! :)