Friday, April 17, 2009

My Boy

Today is The Investment's 23rd birthday.

I made him his favourite shepherds pie and he had cupcakes. We went to a really horrible film he picked out, along with his J and HRH and the SIL .... then, after supper, he and his friends all went out bowling.

I declined to join them.

I wrote this for him some time ago... a story about my birthday, on his.

Stary, Stary Night

It's 2AM...he wakes me, showing me a town covered in a dark as rich as my slumber.

How easily we shed being mature mother, 20 year old son—we are children, lying wrapped in down comfort, the gently sloped roof our bed, our high mountain Utah town stretched out in the valley beyond, again enveloped in pioneer pre-Edison night.

Orion marches in stately majesty across the crisp skies, with his attending court moving in astral dignity, swirling in colours bold; red, gold, blue, green, white stark against the thick black.

My hand rests in his, reversed from what was, this lanky child who is like me, struggling in a world of stimuli when we long for routine and quiet.

Our breathing is so soft, the sound blends into the movement of the leaves and the smell of my roses and lavender moves upwards in that cold summer air and I wonder if he's drifted off to sleep when his long arm moves languidly to point out a star in what normally would be a vast dark area, it’s blue white light shimmering there.

I can hear his love, so hard for him to voice, wrapping around the words, “I can’t put it in one of those gift bags, but, it’s there, just for you….Happy Birthday, Mom.”

Happy Birthday, my dear son. I love you forever.


vinny said...

That's beautiful.

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Deborah said...

Gorgeous QuinAnn.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Heavy! Nice.

golfwidow said...

Happy Belated to the Investment ...

Happy Early to You.