Thursday, April 23, 2009


I love walking in New York.

It's not just the city streets that draw me to them, with the 8472 different languages and dialects, but, the deep beauty of New York you find walking through Central Park or along the East River.

I'm fortunate that my friend, K, lives in a beautiful area (Madonna lives 3 blocks away, meh)... at one end of our street is the Met, at the other is Gracie Mansion and the East River. In the morning, we walk around the reservoir, discussing the film... in the late afternoon, we walk over to the east river, then sit and talk about life, making sure we stop at Two Little Red Hens for our daily cupcake.

Thank god for the walking, to offset my red velvet cupcake.

We stopped and chatted with a nice man who was walking a Westie... K's mother has one, and well, so did I... until my mother took her. With the usual Westie charm, he danced around, licking hands and acting as if we were his new best friends. It's what I love about Westies, that cheerful, buoyant personality... I've never seen a sour one. They also tend to have amazing names, like Douglass or Winston or Grumbles. Unique names fit the breed. Should I get another dog, it will be a Westie. I'm hooked on them.

Had wonderful coconut rice for dinner, along with potstickers.... ginger/soy sauce completed the combination. One thing I miss about New York is the entire concept of delivery. You can get everything delivered, from food to clothes to paint to an exercise guru. Where else can you sit with your phone, and have the world come to you?

Tomorrow, I am off to do location scouting, while K goes to meet with the D.P.... the weather has been coolish, which makes getting around comfortable. with any luck, I'll see 'Mary Stuart', whose cast transferred from the Donmar Warehouse in London while I'm here. I have my 'reasons to be pretty' tickets set up, and would like to try to finally see 'Wicked'...

Who knows? Maybe this trip I'll succeed.


austere said...

Its in your voice, quin.

Anonymous said...

You DO sound so happy, content and at peace, Quin. So glad that you are enjoying each day so much!


the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Dude, I thought Madonna lives in London....

Ben Brooks said...

Thankyou for your lovely comment on my six sentences.
I like your blog.
It is a nice blog to read.
It makes me jealous of not living in New York.
I want to live in New York.
I wish New York was not in America.

Michael Manning said...

You sound like you're having fun, Quin! :D)