Thursday, April 16, 2009

Playing Nonni

I've been babysitting the last few days.

I thought I was beyond this point in my life, dealing with brushing teeth and doing chores and all the stuff that goes along with watching two children while their parents are out of town. HRH and the Husband are on a short road trip, and I was asked to live up to the moniker, "Nonni". Apparently, this title means more than just bringing over supersized kites and candy and then leaving the parents to deal with the fall-out.

Sometimes, you have to be responsible.

The kids are easy to get along with, and listen, and are well behaved. I simply don't know what to do with them. We can't go outside because it's cold and it's been snowing, and I hate both of those things. You can go over the alphabet (Ry's work) and the 6 times tables (Lani's) for only so long. We've got videos (I'm an expert on Goosebumps videos now) and they each get one hour of X-Box time a day... still, that leaves me hours to fill in.

I've discovered Nick cartoons, and board games. I find myself asked questions about everything from Ry, they discuss the Goosebumps with great seriousness, and I've developed a way to cheat at board games.

Now, here's the tough part... I am very competetive... very. With a little one, though, you have to let them win on occasion. So, I send Ry to the bathroom to get tissue for me to blow my nose, and while he's gone, I stack the Sorry cards to allow him to win. Otherwise, we'd be there for hours... this way, 20 minutes and we are done.

Then, I'm stuck for another event. We build highways out of books, I make Ry huge books so he can draw in them, and I listen to his jokes:

"What is purple and blind?
"An eggplant?"
"Is it purple?"
"Does it have eyes?"
"That's it then!"
(peals of 5 year old laughter)

I won't even get into the responses he has for the dinosaur joke book he has. I read out the joke question, and he comes up with convoluted replies.

You can't help but laugh.

Along with Ry and Lani, I have Loki, the massive dog HRH swears is a Lab mix... I know a pit bull mix when I see one! However, since HRH rescued poor starving Loki, fed and nursed her to health, this dog thinks the sun rises and sets in my daughter... and, she passes on that love to anyone who is in the house. Her way of loving you is to lean... watching her slobber over Ry when he gets home from pre-school is a hoot.

So, here I sit, watching "Wolfman of the Swamp" and answering questions.... "Why do werewolves like the moon?" ... lunch is next, then games, Lani home, more games, homework, dinner and bed.

I'll be glad to go back to kites and candy... it's easier.


Susan's Snippets said...

Quin -

Building a fort out of sheets, chairs and possibly the dining/kitchen table. That is always good for a few hours of fun!! Allow them to eat inside the fort, play inside the fort and sleep inside the fort. The only downside might be the dog!

a sheet hog

harrietv said...

Sing funny songs. Surely you know some and, if you don't, watch PBS while they're in school.

It doesn't require talent. They will listen to you sing. When I had a car full of noisy kids, I would start to sing softly, and I would hear from the back seat, "Shhh. She's singing."

austere said...

You, Misz Quin are enjoying every darn minute of it. :) Nothing else I buy.

What about playing teacher-teacher? Or house- house they get to dress up as older people. Crayons, or they're too smart for stuff like that?

I heart Nonni.

raino said...

listen..if you have mentioned how old they are, i missed it so...i will make a few recommendations nonetheless.

how about a pet store, dress up, giving them some of your clothes and costume jewelry, if they like books get them some of those 'find waldo' books, baking, manicures for them, foot massages.

and mostly, have fun!

Anonymous said...

being a grandparent is pretty neat, especially if you live close enough to the "grans" to occasionally babysit.

Unfortunately, my gran boys are about 700 miles away... rats!

Have fun, Quin!

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

He sounds like a spitfire.