Saturday, June 6, 2009

new apartment

i have an apartment.

the flat in new york, sadly, didn't come to fruition. i do have a standing offer to stay there when i visit, which is swell...but, he wasn't quite ready to retire to the shore. so, denver it is!

i ended up with two front runners... one was on the top floor, had hardwood flooring, and a great kitchen along with a washer and dryer in the unit. the second is ground floor, overlooking the courtyard (this is an historic landmark building), carpet (ew!) and only a laundry room. the first had open parking, the second--protected parking. the first has larger windows in the bedroom... the second has 11 foot ceilings.

what decided me was two separate factors... one, the covered parking. second.. the one i chose has an extra closet.

i'll notify everyone on my list of the new address (effective 22 june) as soon as i have the call today.

i was going to get a two bedroom, however, i couldn't justify the extra $130 a month just so sophie could have her own place.

but, trust me, i thought about it.


harrietv said...

Just set up a packing box for Sophie in the corner of any room she chooses.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that New York didn't work out at this time. But, you do have a place now, to go to, in Denver.

Last time I was in Denver, Blond Girl and I flew in there, then rode a Bus (an all night run) from D over to Rock Springs, Wyoming, to pick up our oldest son's Ford Ranger pickup, which had been repaired after an accident he had up in Jackson Hole, a month before that. That was quite a trip.

keith said...

Sunday Scribblings seems to have disappeared, but there is an alternative, Carry On Tuesday. The new prompt is up, hope you can join us.

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

Good luck! We can swap interior pics once I (hopefully) get my paperwork figured out.

inflammatory writ said...

Congrats! My dream is to one day give both my cats their own room (mostly so I can sleep!)

austere said...

Well, Denver then.
(For now)
11 foot high ceilings, did you say?

quin browne said...

denver has direct flights to your part of the world, austere...and, yes, 11 foot ceilings along with the pleasure of an historic building (well, historic in the us sense)

writ~i hear you. sophie sleeps on my head, batting my face if i move.

tr~i've sent you a copy of the room layout and the site link for photos

keith~i'm there on tuesdays!

cr~now, that would be a trip.

sortamom~she's already pulled out all of the yarn i had packed, and has strewn it about the house. *sigh*

Lynne said...

Glad things are settling for you, but sorry it wasn't NY. (Sounds like that was your 1st choice.) I've heard Denver is lovely. (I've only been in its airport so far...) Good luck w/ your move!

Cormac Brown said...


All that snow? Covered parking is a must.