Wednesday, June 3, 2009

people who walk from debts

i work hard to stay on top of my debts.

some have taken me time to pay off, but, i work at them on a steady basis. there was a time when i had a chunk of change from a house sale, and a friend was in dire straits....her father had defaulted on her student loans by signing her name to them, and keeping the money. i loaned her a significant amount of cash to pay off the debt.

this allowed her to move forward in her life, getting an apartment, buying a car, buying all she decided she wanted to have.. and not paying me a dime.

finally, she admitted to the debt and started paying something every month... not a huge amount, but, i appreciated her working on it, and dropped my plans to hire a collection agency.

she recently sent me a fairly good sized check, saying this was her pay off.. i advised her it was less than she owed, but, took the check, noting it was not full payment of the debt owed.

i told her i had deposited the check, and was using the funds to pay medical bills, pay a deposit on the new place, and give the zenmaster money i owed him... he'd stepped in and fixed up my house a year ago, bless his socks.

today, i went to pick up some things to use for packing the house, and my check card wouldn't go through. it was after five, so, i checked my account on my bberry.

she'd stopped payment on the check, and didn't tell me. knowing i had used it, knowing it was necessary to my move, she stopped payment and didn't tell me.

i'm stunned.

i have enough in my savings to cover the huge hole in my account, and the short check charges...but, that leaves me with a 0 balance, and as of the 20th, no place to live. i've given up this apartment, and the deposit check bounced.

good fun.

i'm sure things will come together... i believe karma repays what you do... the hard part will be going after her for the money. she's in chicago, i'm in, well...god knows where i'll be... still, it more than likely means going to chicago. i plan on asking for all travel expenses, etc, should we go to court. i've all the emails with her agreeing to pay, how much she'd pay, etc.

eventually, i'll get my cash, it's the bother i have to go through to get to that point. what is amusing is she holds herself out on her blog as this righteous, trustworthy, moral person.... and, with the trouble i've had even getting her to start paying me, and now this... well.

yes, i know, lessons learned and all that stuff.

i'm venting.



Jeeves said...

Just wish you get out of this situation. Hope she pays.

Lana Erchova said...

that's disgusting thing to do of her

Cormac Brown said...

I am aghast.

(some) People suck.

harrietv said...

I've been there, as you know. It was a nasty thing for her to do, and I can only hope the karma jumps up and kicks on the a****

Now you know why I don't go after people who owe me. They did it once, they'll do it again. I shall get them in the end, but I doubt I'll be there to see it.

liontigerelephantbear said...

What a lowly thing of her to do! If she was having trouble paying you back she should tell you, not run away from it all and hope you'll forget, especially if it's a large sum of money. Some people just have no idea how to behave. I hope it doesn't have to go to court.

Coco said...

You know what they say...No good deed goes unpunished. I have read that when you loan family and friends money you better do it with the thought that you may not ever get it back.

Crappy friend though. She got screwed by her father but then screws you. Gotta love the mentality of people.

coastrat said...

Disgusting way to treat a true friend who stood by her in a time of great and disparate need...

So sorry, Quin. No one should be treated like that. How shameful she is.

vinny said...

One word. Bitch.

austere said...

I hope she gets it back- with interest.

What a pervert.

I like money. I don't like people who mess with money like this.

Shakespeare, right? Neither a lender nor borrower be...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that this cheapo old hag was STIFFED! hahahaha You talk about karma repaying what you do, then why don't you consider being shafted YOUR karma? stupid old hag, karma works both ways.

lisanance said...

To Anonymous:
If it did anything to Quinn, it actually cleansed her karma, which is a good thing. It means good things will come to Quinn. I'm sure she did not loan that money for her own self gratification.
It's a pity that you would wish ill will on someone when all they did was try to help a friend in a bad situation.
Did something bad happen to you when you referred to her as a stupid old hag? It just might. That's called karma!

quin browne said...

thanks for letting me vent, all...

and, lisa... mmmmmmmWAH