Sunday, June 7, 2009

the tony's

i'm watching the tony awards... slightly delayed from the east coast.

i have a number of people on my twitter thing that are either there or on the east coast, and they are announcing who has won before i even get to that category.

i now understand the danger of twitter. although it's great we can spread news (and non news) immediately, you lose some of that good ol' fashioned excitement waiting to find out.

with that said, i'm shutting down my laptop, so i won't be tempted to get my answers early, allowing me to watch sci fi channel and ignore the 'life' action. i'm rooting for my favourite play, 'reasons to be pretty' to win... if talent coupled with candles lit to the proper saints, it will.

with that said, susan sarandon needs her boobs lifted...but, then, so do i.


Valley Girl said...

Jerk-offs! I know how you feel...someone blurted out the ending of Sixth Sense to me before I had a chance to see it! Ugh!

Solomon said...

Honey, I'm sure your boobs are lovely. Not that I'm a connoisseur of boobs, or anything. :)

harrietv said...

I'm guessing you've seen Marcia Gay Harden by now. She was losing hers.

quin browne said...

val~i actually did that, too. oops!

sol~bless your cottons! they aren't,but, i have great bras

sortamom~jessica lange is the one that caused me to actually yell at the tv, "GET A TIT LIFT!" i don't think she heard me.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Pony Express riders felt like that, when the telegraph zipped the news across the country days ahead of when they could carry it across...?

lisanance said...

Yes, but did they tweet you this most important news about the tonys???