Monday, June 29, 2009

violence unsilenced

i've been told i'm not upbeat, and positive, and chipper.

i think i do a pretty good job of being open to the universe and in the good it has to offer.

it's been a long hard struggle to get to that place... and, today, thanks to an amazing woman who has put forth a safe havenplace for survivors to give their stories; in that place, i've finally openly admitted to a number of things.

if you go to read, please, don't just read me.. come back see the tales of other women and men, who have survived.

we move forward with more positive feelings than most, even if we hide who we are... positive because we open that pandora's box called hope every day, and trust it will be good.

my friends will tell you; i don't mince words, i say what i feel... there is no gray with me. i won't say behind your back what i won't say to your face. this is the best and the worst trait i own.

i'm a hopeful pessimist, i guess... expecting the worst, believing it will work out.

it's an okay thing to be....


maggie, dammit said...

Thank you again for your bravery and generosity. Thank you, hon, so much. XOXO

coastrat said...


austere said...

the sound of silence.

my head spins.

thank you.

Mellie said...

Your friend Nathan speaks a hell of a lot of sense xxxx

Dee Martin said...

Since participating in Sunday Scribbling I have been a little in awe of your talent. You appear to me as someone who is intelligent, articulate, well read, and interesting. I had a previous marriage that involved violence and did not remain in it (it lasted 9 months and I got the hell out) but even that short time left me unable to trust my instincts about other people and a general lack of self confidence. I just wanted to let you know how you are perceived because so often we do not see what awesome creatures we are because someone has broken us. Scars are beautiful because they mean that healing has happened. They also give us perspective and compassion for the scars of others. You rock!

Mojo said...

Melli's right about your friend Nathan. I've read every single story published on VU, and it's not often that I can't figure out where to start with a comment. But in the case of your story... I still don't know where to start.

But you know, and that's what's really important.

I'll just leave it at this: Every time you tell the story, ti loses a little more of its power over you. Every time you tell the story, someone else hears -- someone who is still living the life you've escaped. Your story, to that person, represents hope. And of all the gifts you've given to anyone in your life, there's none that's more precious than that.

So for that person who finds hope in your story, I'll thank you now. They will thank you later -- directly or not.

Dee's right too. You rock!


Amazing. Thank you for your writing...Again.

vinny said...

you might not be chipper.. but i definitely would say upbeat and positive.

for real.