Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the news

i've sat on some wonderful news, awaiting the okay to discuss it here.

no, it's not about an apartment or moving or my non-existent love life (which will stay that way if i don't stop eating my current daily food addiction of lil' smokies and stokes chili with cheese) or about sophie.

two years ago this summer, two large events happened in my life...my eldest gave birth to zori, giving us the first member of the next generation. i always tell my daughter that zori looks just like me, but, we don't share any dna...so, it's in my imagination. secondly, hrh married the soninlaw, who entered our family with his love for her and two children. in six weeks time, i went from being myself to being a nonnie.

i think the kids got more of an auntie mame, but, you get the idea.

my mother's day present this year was hrh announcing she's going to have a baby in january. she was worried, not wanting to tell anyone, because i had a history of miscarriages, and she wanted to be sure. as she put it today, "the baby is sticking", thus, i now refer to said child as 'elmer'... as in glue.

in january, i'll have another grandchild... one i don't view any differently than the others just because we do share dna. it is odd to think my baby girl is going to have a child... and, unlike miss h, i'll be there the entire time. i believe i'm banned from the delivery room, but, i'm good with that. i've no desire to see parts i've not seen since she was 5.

she pats her tummy, which is still as flat as a board, and talks about the changes in her body. how she's tired, she is getting cravings, she's tired. i tell her the second trimester is the best, and we agreed between all of us that she'll do thanksgiving (her favourite holiday) and miss h will do christmas, since hrh will be pretty far along and into sitting and moaning. or at least, that's what i did in my last month.

no water skiing for her this year, which has dampened her thrill for the boat her dad owns and her time on the water...but, she's willing to make the trade. i look at her, and catch her with that turned inward look you get when you are pregnant... the wonder of it all.

this child will be as spoiled as the rest, from her dad, her siblings-- me. i've turned into that woman who shows up with gifts and sugar and kisses--then i leave. i like doing that, it's great fun.

my little girl is no more. although i find great joy in her condition, in the fact her marriage brought two beautiful children into my life, who love me as i love them... although i find happiness in her happiness in her life.... although all of these things are marvelous and wonderful and joyous...

....it makes me cry for a few reasons--the most being, she's a mom now, not my baby.

and, i'll miss that.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news, Quin! I am so happy for you all!

Mellie said...

XXX to you - I'm glad you aren't called Grandma or Granny, that always makes me think of the old biddy from Beverly Hillbillies, the original one, Irene Ryan, not Cloris Leachman, fabby tho she is.

So I will try not to think of you in a rocker on the porch with a hickory pipe and a hound at your feet. LOL, OK I thought of it.

love to HRH - tell her big love and congratulations from us x

austere said...

She'll always be your baby.


Life moment and all that.

harrietv said...

Mazel tov! We'll wait with you -- and you will love this.

Cormac Brown said...

As I said before, congrats..."Nonnie."

vinny said...


Michael Manning said...

I think she'll always be your baby, Quin. lol! :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with Auntie Mame...I LOVE her!

"Widdicome, Gutterman, Applewhite, Bibberman and Black..."

(I think I was gay in a former life...)

Freida Bee, MD said...

Though I admit to a little over-emotionality before reading this today, it was just the bittersweet read to get me crying. They grow up too fast.