Saturday, November 10, 2007

Journal of the Week

I did have a long winded post...

My day... blah blah went downtown to audition for something... blah blah couldn't find the bus... blah blah walked from 23rd down 6th to Canal before I remembered 6th ran one way...

The opposite way from where I was walking and needed to go.

Add to this my never-ending-MTA-card doesn't work on the express bus... and I was allowed to ride in the AM by a driver who didn't tell me, and in the PM by Juan, who didn't care and did tell me. A never-ending-MTA-card that covers trains/ferry/bus/express bus is $160 a month. However, the express bus had me in downtown in 45 minutes vs 90 minutes.

Something to think about.

I saw a ton of things I want to mull over, and talk about later.

Until then, it's the (oh, how I wish I could get an echo machine for when I say this!)


Yes, that time when I direct my loyal readers to someone else's home page, which is always far more interesting than my drivel... trust me.

Today, I'm setting you up with the Queen of Dry, The Empress of Wry, my friend....


She befriended me months and months ago, with this acid humour and a way of not letting you feel sorry for yourself...she dragged her mother, L'Empress, into the city with her to meet up with Lisa and Deni and I for lunch... and I was sold.

In the bargain, I was semi adopted, and also got to meet R, who in turn has a great blog, but, it's a locked one... so, I can't refer you there.

Her space here will come.

For now, here is someone who has given me the honour of letting me call her my friend, GW.



golfwidow said...

I am honored.

Bud said...

Yeah GW is my good friend too. Love her to death.

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