Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What? It's TUESDAY?

A day off.

I was at a loss as to what to do with myself. Okay, I'm lying. I had spent the night at C's house, content in the fact I'd completed the call sheet for today.. listing hospitals, flight arrangements, shots, wardrobe, props... all of it ready to allow them to run and gun today. So, I knew what I was going to do today once I completed tomorrow's call sheet... nothing.

Tomorrow, they have a day off, and I have to put things together for the following day... and so it goes.

I'd decided to take the bus over the Brooklyn instead of the train/ferry/train/train thing. I saved an hour of mass transit time, keeping the same amount of walking time. This is fine for now...come cold weather? Well, my neverendingmta card will be used more than the only whore in a cowtown.

Okay, that even made me go "EW".

The new bag held it's fill... and reminded me why I don't have big bags... you fill them. Two scripts, a laptop, a change of clothes, pens, pencils, phone charger, laptop charger, coin purse, extra glasses, the bag of peppers and cucumbers I bought in Brooklyn, a few other sundry items and I was hauling at least 47 lbs of stuff. I walked like the Tower of Pisa with osteoporosis.

I am currently saving for a new laptop... a small laptop. At this rate, I should have one by 2015.

While walking and riding on the bus, I had a number of thoughts based on things seen...

  • Who had sex on the sidewalk and left behind a used condom? It's not as if it's a dark street...it's pretty busy, with street lights and neighbors who have those blow up pumpkins they will soon change out for blow up holiday decorations.
  • Have you ever noticed that when you have your palm read, they tell you, "You will have a long life." They never say if it's a healthy one. You could walk out of that place and be hit by a car and live to be 107 in an iron lung.
  • Do they still make iron lungs?
  • When you buy a Napoleon to eat for snack later on in the evening...don't put it under your laptop in the questionable leather bag.
  • Why do some stores only advertise in Russian or Arabic? What if I want to buy something there? I'm looking at these places, thinking, "Well, I may want (fill in the blank) but, I don't know if they have it or if they have it and I don't know." It makes my head hurt.
  • Why do banks charge $2.50 at their ATM, and McDonalds only charges .99 cents?
  • Why isn't there a cents key on the keyboard anymore?
  • When did school uniforms get so short?
  • I saw two yeshiva students walking ahead of me down 86th. They were discussing kosher snacks at a certain corner bodega. One was in smart, knife pleated pants, crisp white shirt, long dark coat and a hat on top of his yarmulke. His earlocks were smoothly curled, and tucked behind his ears. His friend was rumpled, pants low on his hips, no coat, no hat, his yarmulke slipping over... no earlocks. I wondered if he was the 'bad boy' of the group. Sort of a gangsta Hasidim with his low hanging pants and no prayer shawl, yo! A convert, perhaps? Who knew?
  • The bus is 90 minutes faster than the train, and you can look out over the bridge. This is fun.
  • When some lady says, "Is that your bag?" do not automatically reach for the bag next to you. The person it does belong to will snarl and say, "Do. Not. Touch. My. Lunch." From the condition of the greasy bag and her glinting eyes, I had no intentions of doing so. In fact, from the look alone, if it had been my bag, I'd have left it there.
  • Cold in New York City isn't cold in the West. It's colder. I'll leave it at that.
  • Remember when sleeping at a place not your own, don't put a glass of water where it will spill on the bed soaking you in the middle of the night.
  • I like horsechestnuts. I like how they look, the way they fall from the trees, the sound they make under your feet. I now have one on the windowsill of my house to remind me of the days outside, with the crisp air, the perfect red in the leaves, the hint that something is around the corner...but, right now... it's perfect.
  • Having your phone ring, and seeing Miss Sof's name on the caller ID.

I made it home, opened my email, and found a nice gift from TheBee.... free food!

Good way to end the journey, good way to end this post. Can't ask for more... well, you can, but, this is good enough for me.


Bud said...

Thanks for taking me on your trip. Beautifully done!

Prince Gomolvilas said...

>>>"Why isn't there a cents key on the keyboard anymore?"

...This is one of the greatest travesties facing humankind. That's my 2__ worth.

Harriet V said...

Many, many years ago, when I was going to school in Manhattan, most of us commuted from somewhere out of the city. One of the girls came from Staten Island, and the day came when, for some reason, there was no ferry. She took the bus; the bridge was still new, and she told us all about it in deep amazement -- so much quicker and such a great view. (Obviously made a deep impression on me.)

In that business school, we were taught always to write out "cents," but I think you can do it this way: ¢
Don't know if it's worth the trouble.

Quin said...

where did you find that?? that..c thing with the little slash?? i miss it.

Peter Varvel said...

In our previous abode, it was common to see used condoms on the back walkway of our complex. At least there was some privacy from the floral bushes that grew and intertwined against the rail fence, and our complex was on a small hill, overlooking Echo Park lake.

Romantic, no?

Peter Varvel said...

And, "used more than the only whore in a cowtown?"

Don't'chu talk about me behind my back in frontta ma face like dat!
(I am from the Corona/Norco area, after all, or, NorCOW).


Quin said...

*note to self, no coffee in mouth when reading peter's responses*

bob clay said...

They still do make iron lungs ... only now they call them shirts.


Quin said...


Anonymous said...

"Why do banks charge $2.50 at their ATM, and McDonalds only charges .99 cents?"

Because most fat-slob dumb shits will buy $8.00 worth of grease and tard, and a super-size coke. Who saif McDonalds was dumb?

Anonymous said...

What are condoms?