Monday, January 21, 2008

Dead Computer Walking

They didn't fix it.

Oh, they said they did, those crazy Gateway (yes, I made sure it was Gateway, and not Dell) tech folk...they swore they'd fixed my problem on Bob, my trusty laptop.

I sent him off right before I went off to see the Godmother, and he was home when I rushed back for my 1 day layover before I headed back out, to go to Loo's... all cleaned up, new keyboard installed, DVD drive working... the major issue of the AC adapter fixed.

Or, so they said.


Bob will not hold a full charge, and on occasion, wanders off the main feed, forcing me to rely on the battery... watching it drain, the little warning light coming on... I jiggle the connection, cursing, praying... sometimes it reconnects...sometimes, it don't.

The nice folk at Gateway (not Dell) want Bob back... again. They are going to replace the motherboard.. this is what they were supposed to do last time. Now, understand, I've finally reloaded all the crap I unloaded the last time. I'm not happy here.

What does this mean? It means no online journals for me. No Our Neville Facts. No emails or surfing or shit.

I may go into withdrawals.


The last two days have been interesting... I've had two talent gigs... count 'em, two.

One was as a model for an interactive exhibit that will open at the Museum of Modern Art on 20 February. It was fun to do, and the artist is very creative in his approach. You'll have to go see it, and, yes, my name is listed.

The other was in a film, shot today...I was background fluff, something I'm starting to enjoy. You get paid to do nothing but provide a face and chatter. This is good. The owner of the restaurant we used in the shot asked for my number... I'd be flattered if he wasn't married. And far older. Still, he did ask... and the other actors were younger, and prettier.

No, I didn't give it... I did, however, grin.

Our Neville Fact:

Neville and Margaret are nationally ranked competitive dancers in the International Standard Foxtrot.


modelbehavior said...

Reloading all your stuff twice will suck, but a new motherboard is like getting a new computer! I went through a similar replacement and my computer's better than new!

austere said...

Sympathies and same pinch. My home comp has monitor issues- again- hence am lugging the lappie home everyday; weight training, I tell myself.

Peter Varvel said...

That would make me grin, too. Attention is almost always good to get.

The Chief said...

You know, at least it wasn't "Geek Squad" that you didn't deal with. I really hate Best Buy. Those are some pushy people that want you to buy their products but then they want to push those worthless profit-getters - their extended warranties. Is this because they know they're selling you crap in the first place? You bet it is.

Bud said...

Ah, you're home. I've been away from here. I'll mail your CD right now.