Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wot I Wrote Somewhere Else

Oh, and while I was sans interweb, this posted, too.

Feel free to read, and comment there, if you'd like.


Our Neville Fact:

Their daughter's name is Felicity Muriel Roslyn Whitlash-Hand. She is married to actuary, David Whitlash-Hand, and has two children, Cosmo and Bess. David hopes to become an MP one day. Neville's son is Magnus Hammish Theodolite MacPhearson (insert Neville's surname). His wife is the Hon. Phillipa MacPherson-Farquharson, of Inverness, although childless, they breed spaniels. The MacPhearson part of his name is from Margaret's family in Scotland. He is a solicitor in Manchester. Both the children and grandchildren call Neville and Margaret Moo-Maw and Moo-Paw.


Michael Manning said...


austere said...

Lovely names, esq's, hon's and hyphenated an all. Delightful company, no doubt.

golfwidow said...

I am making things up in my mind about Neville, such as "Our Neville won't have a radio in his home, the music is just so risque these days," but he's got a jar of Marmite and a tidy stash of gay porn tucked behind the pruning equipment in one of his two garden sheds.

golfwidow said...

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Except the Marmite. That's just perverted.

Loobell said...

...... I understand he has at least 2 jars of marmite actually.. and when he is sitting in is potting shed surreptitiously making use of the porn .. he's not adverse to drinking a cup of hot Bovril to warm him through. ... Now Bovril... for my friends in the USA is similar to Marmite only beef stock based.

guestofaguest said...

where can I get a name like that?

Peter Varvel said...

Take marmite in one hand and porn in the other, and as Joey said on 'Friends,' put your hands together!

Today's Fact about Neville? Sometimes you can't make up characterizations this good! Why more people aren't becoming published writers by exploiting the free truth that abounds around them . . . ? (scratches head)

Quin said...

DISCLAIMER~neville facts may or may not be created over tea or while i lie in my bed at night.

an aside to gog~ give us a fiver, and i'm sure i can find you a name.