Friday, January 18, 2008


Sucks rocks.

Although we made it to the airport on time, it seems BA didn't realise the importance of my leaving Heathrow as scheduled, and therefore allowed one of it's planes to have a scary incident, thus closing down one of the runways in the busiest airport in the world.

Hello? I'm flying out?

Virgin continued the happy smiling face of "Of course you won't be delayed, madam!"

Hello? The emergency vehicles almost pushed Loo and I off the road on our way in... we looked at them, then at each other, "Wow, there are fire trucks... we should be okay if they don't go towards Terminal ...shit."

We were processed, our bags weighed (we won't mention some people's bags were 3kg overweight, however, our clever jokes and ever pleasant manner let that slip by without a fine), given a good seat, and sent on out way.

Some of us don't like to wear our reading glasses in public, so, we squint at the little Virgin boarding card, see the 30, and head for that gate.

Upon arrival, we find out it's a BA gate, which is closed, and the real gate is 3... on the OTHER side of the huge Heathrow Terminal 3.

Some of us have no problem flagging down a cart, smiling, and asking if we can hitch a ride.

We also tip.

Running down the last of the concourse to our gate, still seeing the little TV screens saying, 'On Time', we arri... okay, I arrive... to find everyone standing about, milling about, swirling about... they won't even open the little glass doors to let us sit down, ffs. An announcement is made, the BA episode, etc. Yes, we know. We may be a teensy bit delayed.

Oh? You think? Since the airport is down to one runway?

All of the passengers knew that hours ago.. we could have told you that.

We queue, some of us do... others push ahead to press their faces to the glass... all of them seem to have American accents... bless. A group of college students are behind me, talking of their past two weeks in Europe and the UK. One, a male, is going on about how much of an ass he can be..

"Oh, yeah, that flight to London... I had the exit row, where you can stretch waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out, then, I put my seat all the way back, so the guy behind me was squished. I'm an ass that way." and he laughed.

I turned around and said, "I sure hope you aren't in front of me." and smiled.

He said, "Why? What could you do?"

I said, "I'd reach forward and titty twist your ear, you rude little prick." and I smiled.

I watched him get on the plane, and scan to see if he was near me... he wasn't. I did smile and wave from my empty row, through... he was in a full one. It does help to be nice to the agents and crew.

With announcements coming from the Captain on a regular basis, we found out the runway would open, then close when it became dark because there were no lights. I didn't know why they couldn't go put out little tea lights from Ikea... they are dead cheap, and on special this week. The crew did run the films, so, I was able to watch Atonement, a film I felt was almost as good as the book... the sense of betrayal is so deep, you cringe from the pain a lie begets in these people's lives. The score, as Bee pointed out, is excellent.

We watch, we wait.. we leave... two hours later.

I stretched out and slept for six hours, which helped on the jet lag a bit. JFK is so poorly run on the passport control area... when I arrived at Heathrow, we were in and out in a matter of minutes... I've never had to wait huge amounts of time. When I have flown into LAX, it's been a quick process. This took two hours. Two.

Finally, I had my luggage, my extra see, even with the American dollar being worth jack shit, I did find a great buy on a beautiful wool full length coat in red, for $50 (down from $260)so, I was wearing one coat, and carrying another...what? and was outside in the cool air, hearing American accents fully for the first time.... The Weather Guy was there to pick me up, and I was home.ish.

A hot shower, tea, good conversation... I fell asleep quickly. I did wake up early today, re-shuffled my luggage (having left a portion of clothes with Loo to ship) and proceeded to come home from TWG's house.

Have you noticed it's that last bit of travel that really gets you? Even with cab fare in my pocket, I forgot to take one, I was so tired when I got off the Ferry. The train took forever, with that last few blocks dragging my big case a lifetime.

I unpack as soon as I get inside, why put it off? With that said, I do wonder... why can't we have little packing elves??

It's all done, candy and my soaps I buy with the delight of many women in jewelry stores, my 10 books (no wonder I was overweight), the laptop which has to be fixed again... they didn't get it right the first time...mail opened and sorted.... and I had a long nap. One of those where you think, "I'll lie down for a few minut...". Two hours later, you wake up.

No milk or food here, it's raining and I'll eat peanut butter...

I'm home.

Missing Loo, Ev who came over tonight, and my girls.

Yeah, sometimes home isn't what it's cracked up to be.... tomorrow I'll feel more into the groove.

Right now?

I wish I heard someone calling, "Quin? Tea?"

Our Neville Fact:

He has a thing for Margaret Thatcher, and indeed, found her to be a saucy minx. Often, when speaking to his Margaret, he pretends it's the other one... even in the bed chamber, saying in, panting tones..."Oh, Margaret!" It often surprises her, since she's barely staying awake during the process, although, his vigor did account for that orgasm in 1984 when Margaret stood firm against the coal miners in County Durham, giving Neville even more admiration for his 'Iron Maiden'.


constant_drama said...

Awwwwwwwww, you can make your own tea and have long distance chat with them...

austere said...

You lugged the bag/s home??
You're amazing, but I know that already.

Nothing quite the same as being there, isn't it?

Quin said...

cd~tea isn't quite the same without our rallying call of 'CAKE!'

a~i did indeed...that forgetting the money made me think sometimes, momma didn't raise a bright child. :) (and thanks). no, it's not quite the same, sadly.

golfwidow said...

The dollar still sucks, but at least you're not going to be reminded of that fact every five seconds now.

And New York is going to seem positively affordable in comparison, for a while.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Welcome back to the land of central heating, decent water heaters and bad beer.

Loobell said...

A cup of tea without Quin just isn't the same.. Ev and I devilishly moved some of the cans in the pull-out larder, only to realise that there was no one to screech at us.
We have worked hard.. we now have a dishwasher that works, shelves in the garage, a shed with a brand new roof, My beautiful lights in my bedroom, most of the pictures hung and.. a proper fold down loft ladder to the (it pains me to say this)... attic.
There have been lots of laughs getting this all done but we sorely miss Miss Quin organising us all.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"I unpack as soon as I get inside, why put it off? With that said, I do wonder... why can't we have little packing elves??"

Because if they were to become disgruntled, they might leave "presents" in our suitcases that we wouldn't smell for a couple of days and then we would smell them all too well.