Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Loo Nightingale

What is she like?

She's hauled me to the stores to get what I want as I whinge in the passenger seat, bought me my current addiction, Winter Soup (okay, it was on clearance for .99p... still), makes hot bread, says, "there, there" a lot, puts me in hot baths with a little bowl of boiling water to hold under my chin that contains some magic stuff to clear my lungs, makes me honey and lemon water, tucks me in the big bed with the hot blanket, makes me far too many chocolate puddings with ice cream and custard so they will slide down my itchy throat, she pats my head, gives me my medicine, hides under my arm when Sylar is on Heroes, (she deserves that part), buys me boxes and boxes of Kleenex, deals with two teenaged girls, two dogs and a cat, takes me to the doctor, paid for the doctor when they wouldn't take my magic bank card, yells out, "QUIN! Have you taken your medicine?" Reminds me I will feel better by tomorrow, keeps the rest of the house going, makes us all tea, and never loses her sense of humour.

It's because of women like her, Britain survived WWII. It's because of friends like her, I remember I am capable of being loved.



golfwidow said...

There's a whole lot of love for you on this side of the pond too.

Quin said...

i know.

i really am blessed.

austere said...


Bud said...

That is a forever friend, right there. Anybody would be lucky to have her.

Deb said...

Loo- from the lot of us Yanks- you have our eternal gratitude for taking SUCH good care of *cough putting up with her whinging- cough* our (both sides of the pond) dear Quin! Please send her home soon- healthy and happy, knowing how much we all love her and miss her! And since I know her personal space issues...give her a big, slobbery English Sheep Dog kiss from me! THAT will get her up and moving PRONTO! LOL!!!
LOVE YA Quin! Hurry home- we have much to goss..talk about! MISS YOU!

Quin said...

chesty cough, and with all of us recovering, the only person not snoring is hb.

tomorrow is moving day, should be fun!

Peter Varvel said...

Loo is Good People, just like You!

. . . and I've been meaning to ask where the name 'Loo' came from (privacy protections aside), cuz, erm, isn't that the English term for the room and/or object in the house for when you really have to GO?

Alone on the Isle said...

This made me want to be a better friend to those that have stood by me – as you have conveyed perfectly, it is the little things that leave the biggest impressions.