Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Anonymous Poster

They live by making comments they would never have the gumption to say to one's face.

This is for you, Anonymous Poster... most journals online have one that attaches themselves to said journal, thinking themselves to be....clever. Some actually are, and their comments are welcome.

This is for you, Anonymous Poster...who has nothing else to do but disrupt other people's enjoyment of a journal or the comments posted to said journal.

Let me make it clear, I don't have nearly as much of a problem with Circumcellions as I do with Circumcellions who don't have enough courage of their convictions to lay claim to their opinions.

Since you are taking this down a very personal road, and since I don't think anyone should be subjected to your text vomit, I'm going to have to do something I really don't want to do... approve comments before they are posted.

It's a shame your momma didn't teach you better manners.

I apologise to all who do comment here, and now have to deal with the delay in seeing said comments... I'm pretty on top of my emails, so, will have them up as they show.

I also apologise that someone has this big of a crush on me. It's kind of flattering in a creepy way.


The Bee said...

Be nice to Quin or you will have to face my fiery wrath... QUIN, be strong!! You tell 'em who's boss!!

p.s. Thank you again for all your continued love and support.

Michael Manning said...

Quin: Unfortunate, but upon occasion, depending how severe it gets, you just need to use the trash can on them. This is a subject we can all relate to!

Quin said...

bee~thanks and back atcha on the l & s. i'm looking forward to seeing how the family arrival goes.

mm~i've only deleted one other comment, that bee knows all about. this, ah, well, the second two on yesterdays post made the first one look nice.

shame,isn't it?

Bud said...

You know I just skipped over that one when I saw it was nameless. Didn't even read it. I look at that stuff as a cyber fart.

bob clay said...

If the prat is a Brit, then I apologise for the whole island. (except for that old guy who sits in the corner of the pub. I think he's been dead a couple of weeks, but no-one dare check the grumpy old bugger).

golfwidow said...

I just read somewhere that we need to pray for our enemies.

I don't know how one works that, though.

"Please bless ... um ... bless ... I don't know their names. The ones who hate me and everything I do but they're anonymous. Them. Bless them all and help them to escape from my clutches, where I force them at gunpoint to read my horrible writing, so that their lives must come to a standstill while they take time out to tell me how much they hate me. Bless them, and give them ponies. Amen."

Quin said...


Lucy said...

I just learned a new word: Circumcellions- which according to The Free means...(* clears throat*)...uh.. wait... what was that word again?

I also apologize that someone has this big of a crush on me. It's kind of flattering in a creepy way.

Yeah, I hate when people get crushes on me. And I'm going to have to correct your statement. It's always in an always creepy way. Good thing you have your wits about you.

Deb said...

Found this on Wikipedia and thought it appropriate...
"In the context of internet culture, an internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who intentionally posts messages about sensitive topics constructed to cause controversy in an online community such as an online discussion forum or USENET groups in order to bait users into responding.[1] They may also plant images and data on networks that others may find disturbing in order to cause confrontation.

More specifically a troll is an insult or accusation made against a poster. It would be highly unusual for any internet poster to claim the title of troll[citation needed], rather a community member may sometimes try to deflate a post that is controversial or thought provoking by referring to it as "trolling". Properly, to call someone a troll is to say that any dispute over a post is not valid not because the issues raised are not valid, but to claim the intent of the poster invalidates the post. As a speech act the term troll is generally used as an ad hominem argument, attacking the poster rather than the content or issues of the post."
Pay special attention to the last sentence, as it is the veritable shoe that fits.
As for you, Anon- think very carefully (if that's possible) before you spew. I've worked for an attorney for 6 years and have paid special attention to how the laws of this land are changing. To put it in very little words that you can understand- your words on this post could VERY easily be construed as terroristic threats. I hear Guantanamo Bay is nice this time of year.
As for you dear Quin- Rock on Sister!

The Cajun Boy said...

i wonder if your asshat is the same as mine. i think that mine has nothing better to do than to spread his manure all over the net. he definitely wants to sleep with us.

modelbehavior said...

you too!? oh no! what is the blogging world coming to?

Quin said...

lucy~isn't it a lovely word?

deb~this troll has a big bridge to cover

cb~shall we flip a coin to see who has to go first? i call whatever side isn't the side that is up.

mb~who knew? i'm as boring as they come.