Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sales and Sentences

The garage sale starts in the morning.

It is beyond amazing the amount of things we have in place, with little price tags on them, awaiting a public that will take a look at a mandolin and announce, "I have no idea what that is, Margaret, but, I simply must have it, damn the cost!"

I'm done to one small storage shed, that holds my bed, the amazing mattress that fits on said bed, my china, a few family antiques, my grandmother's bed, and a couple of other odds and ends.

Not too bad for a weeks worth of dragging things about, dusting, polishing and putting on price tags.

Now, all it takes is the crowds to rush to our Garage Sale to end all Garage Sales.

And for me to find my reading glasses which are somewhere among the hot items piled in baskets.

While you are waiting to hear the results, feel free to have a gander at my latest, and last, contribution to Six Sentences that will run tomorow*. Feel free to leave a comment there, if you'd like. I'd appreciate the feedback.

I'm off to bed.... 5AM comes very early and there are all those balloons to hang.

*it helps if I look at the calendar once in awhile before I post when it's going to run. There's a six sentence today, it's just not mine.


golfwidow said...

I'm so glad this isn't anywhere near me, because I have no more room and I would buy a crapload (which is 3.2 kilocrap in metric) of stuff I have no room for.

LisaBinDaCity said...

Best of luck with the garage sale. It's a great way to make money if you are a very patient person ;-)