Saturday, August 4, 2007


I've been contributing to Six Sentences over the last bit of time.

Some of it isn't bad, some is, well....

What isn't realised is, it's fiction. I take something I've heard or some small event and I fictionalise it.

Some comments on my work lead me to believe people think it's my life there, being played out.

No, no, no... not at all. Not in any way, shape or form. Just.. words built around something.

With that said, after talking to a friend where I said it's odd when people go after a writer (based on comments posted after a 6S) for their work... I'm now looking at it from a different angle, and think, it's actually a bit of a compliment, to move a reader to the point they associate your fictional character(s) with the writer.



Cathrine said...

very true
means your writing is real and believable
the reader gets lost in the narrator's voice thinking he / she is real and speaking to you

R said...

Thanks for the URL; you'd said you thought I should try it.

Quin said...

cathrine~thank you for that kind comment.

r~you should, indeed.

Buffy said...

You know, I realised what an excellent actor Samuel L. Jackson was when I started hating him because of one of the characters he played (can't even remember which now, but he was a nasty piece of work). Now I love the guy. Can totally see his brilliance. But it wasn't until I went through hating him with a passion that I came to the 'love' and realised how gifted he was as an actor.

Same for writers and their constructions.