Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The SlumLord

Two hundred posts.

And the big event occurred on TheSlumlord's birthday....August 18th.

I'm slipping in my duties.

TheSlumlord is the eldest of the brood....he turned 31 this year, physically. He's my stalwart leader of the clan. Steady, looking out for his siblings, making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there.

His sense of humour is legendary....why? Because it's , well, not the greatest in the world. He tries, lord love him, but, he just can't tell a joke. He's the classic nerd, only he's handsome and sweet and kind and he simply can't tell a joke.

We love him anyway.

His main desire in life is to settle down and have a family. Until then, he makes sure Miss H has a home to live in, that TheInvestment had a flight to his job interview, that I'm not left stranded in Newark, that TheJarhead gets regular letters, and that HRH remains his own sweet sister.

When she was two, a neighbor heard him singing as he pushed her in the swing outside....a song about how much he loved her and that she was the light of his life.

He was 14.

That says quite a bit.

His stepfather treated him like shit... and the neatest thing he did was die on TheSlumlord's birthday three years ago.

The neatest thing he's done for me was when he started to call me mom when he was 12, on his own, just out of the blue. He can't walk by me without hugging me or giving me a kiss. He stepped up and took on the role of being responsible for what needed to be done for people.

He's a gem.

He introduced me to the film Pi, he gives me great books to read, he worked at a hospice when he was in high school, he has a huge heart and a warm smile and he's, well, he's our Z. Yes, he was a putz at times, but, he always learns from his mistakes, and best of all, he adores his siblings and his new niece. He worries and works hard and loves his stupid cats. He drives too fast and still has bad taste in dressing. He's a loyal friend and has a black belt and loves to visit China.

I know he won't let them put me on the city tour bus when I'm old... or if they do, he'll make sure I'm in the seat inside.

It's a belated post, Z, but, you had me singing to you on your day. You're my son born in my heart, a better gift has never been given to me.

I love you.


Bud said...

Beautiful tribute to an amazing guy!

LisaBinDaCity said...

Aww that's sweet! He sounds like a keeper ;-)

Corey's Mom said...

I adore everything you've told me about the slumlord and, if I hadn't been neutered, I'd beg for a hookup. I hope he had a wonderful wonderful day.

I bought The Road and, when I finish the book I'm working on, it's next on the list. The best friend a woman can have is one who gives book referrals. <3

golfwidow said...

Happy birthday to Z.

Amber said...

Aww, that was so sweet, Quin!

I didn't realize there were still guys like that out in the world. You're one lucky mom! And he's blessed to have you as a mother as well :).

Now, is this the one I'm supposed to marry? lol

Quin said...

yeah, he's a keeper...

amber~practice that walk

cm~hope you liked the road.